1. Tintagel

    Homemade filled chocolates

    Hi everybody, Continuing with my adventures into all things chocolate, I had a go at making filled chocolates. I used white, milk and dark chocolate then decided to try using candy melts as well so chose red for the roses and hearts.. I melts the chocolate and using a small brush coated the...
  2. Angie

    Candy Cane Chocolate Bark

    So after the mishap with the Candy Cane Chocolate Bars, I started again and made some Candy Cane Chocolate Bark instead. The difference between them is that the bark uses much thinner chocolate bars. These were then left to set at a cold room temperature and scored whilst still a little...
  3. Angie

    Problems with Candy Cane Chocolate Bars in the Fridge

    As we are heading towards Christmas, I decided to make some Candy Cane Chocolate Bars. So after sending my daughter on an expedition to get some Candy Canes, I finally managed to get some time to make them. As the Candy Canes were festive red, white and green, I decided to use them with both...
  4. Angie

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Highland Cow

    To get into the festive spirit, I have created another Terry's chocolate orange character, albeit this time a festive Highland Cow. 🎄 Now I know that cows aren't typically Christmas related but having recently seen lots of things in stores and on the internet relating to Highland cows, I...
  5. Angie

    Reindeer Cones

    Seeing as we're heading towards Christmas, I thought I'd make a start on some festive Reindeer Hot Chocolate cones to get you in the mood. Great to make or receive, these bundles of goodness will make anyone smile. Add to that they don't take long to make but will show the recipient that you...
  6. Angie

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Ghost and Pumpkins

    As we are back on seasonal themes and with Halloween coming up, I recently made this Terry's Chocolate Orange Ghost and Pumpkins. The body of the ghost is made from Terry's Chocolate Orange, and the remainder is made from Icing/Fondant. Because my orange had split, I placed a small piece...
  7. Angie

    Chocolate Glacé Icing Tutorial

    If you want to make a chocolate glacé topping that is soft when eaten but sets on the top of your cupcakes, then this is the topping for you. It can be easily poured and is relatively quick and easy to make. You'll only need three ingredients, and you can even add decorations to it if you fancy...
  8. Angie

    Reindeer Chocolate Bars

    Ho, ho, ho and Merry Christmas! If you're looking for some festive cheer, then have a look at the Reindeer Bars here! So easy to do and fun to make the best thing is there's no need to bake! Apologies for the rhyming, but it is Christmas! 🎅🤶🎄 These dark chocolate bars were made using the...
  9. Angie

    School of Chocolate Amaury Guichon - Netflix

    Yeah! Thanks, Bill, for introducing me to all the recent chocolate vids of Amaury because he's now doing a series on Netflix! It has to be said that Amaury is a true Master Craftsman and makes some gravity, visual and genuinely magnificent pieces of art that are all, of course, edible...
  10. Angie

    How to make Gold Painted Chocolates

    This mini-tutorial shows you how to make your own homemade gold-painted chocolate drops using a chocolate mould and edible paint. Equipment/Ingredients Chocolate Drops Silicone Mould Chocolate Piping Bag Scissors Paintbrush Toothbrush Edible Gold Paint* *If you are making the paint from...
  11. Angie

    Castle Chocolatiers Milk Chocolate Drops Review

    I have recently been sent these Castle Chocolatiers Chocolate Drops to be reviewed and had great fun testing them out to see what they can do. With the bag being 2.5 kg in weight, it's allowed me to make many products and discover how versatile the chocolate really is. Packaging What is the...
  12. clerahi

    Angie's Chocolate Tiffin

    So here they are... Chocolate Tiffins. Managed to get one photo before they were demolished by the adults and grandchildren.
  13. clerahi

    Help with Unicorn Rainbow Cake

    So the birthday cake specification is in... Our granddaughter's answer was chocolate, rainbow, rainbow on top, unicorn on top, maltesers on top. I think the first rainbow means inside, I've seen those and thought that's a step too far. Our son added that she doesn't like fondant, which rules...
  14. Angie

    Strawberry Swirl Slab - Homemade Chocolate Bar Tutorial

    What could be more delightful than strawberries and cream fused together in a delectable chocolate bar? With strawberries and cream being a firm English favourite and all, I thought it was only fitting to mix the two together, and not only does it look pretty, but it tastes good too. How do I...
  15. Angie

    Mint Allure Slab - Homemade Chocolate Bar Tutorial

    There's nothing better than chocolate and even more so than dreaming up your own kind of bars. The good thing about these bars is not only are they easy to do; you can cater them to people's requirements, indulge in an endless supply of flavours and give someone a beautiful gift all at the same...
  16. Angie

    Cookie Nut Bliss Slab - Homemade Chocolate Bar Tutorial

    Cookies who doesn't love a cookie? Add that together with a bar of chocolate, and you're in Cookie Monster heaven! The fun thing about Homemade chocolate bars is that you get to decide every single flavour that goes into them. Then you can either give them to that someone special or indulge in...
  17. D

    Chocolate Madeira

    Hi all, First post here and looking for help. I usually bake a tried and tested madeira cake for birthday/celebration cakes but have a requirement to do a chocolate birthday cake but still need to decorate in fondant etc. Can I change my usual recipe to a chocolate madeira? Perhaps add cocoa...
  18. Angie

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Christmas Bobble Hats

    If you want to get into the festivities and it's looking a little cold outside then why don't you look at creating your own edible bobble hats? All you'll need are a Terry's Chocolate Orange, plain cupcakes, knitted moulds and some fondant icing. These are great gifts for the festive season...
  19. Angie

    What is the best kind of chocolate to use when baking?

    The best types of chocolate to use when baking. If you want the best results in both taste and texture, then you need to be buying the best quality white, milk or dark chocolate you can afford. If you require dark chocolate, then look to find one with at least a 60-70% cocoa solid percentage...
  20. Angie

    What's the difference between baking chocolate and regular chocolate?

    Knowing the difference between baking chocolate and regular chocolate. The difference is that baking chocolate is usually bitter in taste and does not have any additional sweeteners in it whereas regular/normal chocolate does.