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Candy Cane Chocolate Bark (1 Viewer)

So after the mishap with the Candy Cane Chocolate Bars, I started again and made some Candy Cane Chocolate Bark instead.

Chocolate Bark by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

The difference between them is that the bark uses much thinner chocolate bars.

Chocolate Bark White and Dark by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

These were then left to set at a cold room temperature and scored whilst still a little soft, allowing them to be broken up easily into pieces once the bars were fully set.

Chocolate Bark White and Dark by Help Me Bake 2-001.jpg

It is called bark because of the chocolate's rough and broken exterior, the varied shapes and the rough texture of the toppings that, as a whole, would represent bark.

You can make chocolate bark using nuts, crushed cookies, dried fruits, sweets, toffee pieces or any other form of topping you can think of. The best thing about it is that it can be personalised to any individual and displayed in a lovely bag and gifted.

White and Dark Chocolate Bark by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

This was my Christmas edition, so I thought the peppermint from the candy canes would pair nicely with the dark chocolate. To add a contrasting bar, I also made the bark in white chocolate for an alternative.


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