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Chocolate Christmas Pigs in Blankets Cake Toppers (1 Viewer)

Keeping up with the festivities but having a different take this year, I thought I would make some Christmas Pigs in Blankets toppers for you.

Pigs in Blankets by Help Me Bake (Medium)-001.jpg

I made them using the following items:
  • Walnut Whip
  • Pink, Green & Red Icing
  • Black Pearls
  • Blanket Mould
  • Ball Tool
  • Smile Tool
  • Edible Glue
These festive additions offer a wonderful twist on the traditional Christmas topper, steering away from the usual Santa or Reindeer designs and with a whopping 128 million people incorporating them into their Christmas dinners this year, I couldn't help but recreate them in cake topper form.

Even if the original versions aren't your cup of tea, these cakey alternatives are bound to bring joy to your loved ones and add a charming touch to your Christmas celebrations.

I hope you find them as funny and cute as I do! Maybe I should have put a Santa hat on them too! 🎅

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