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Hi everybody,

Continuing with my adventures into all things chocolate, I had a go at making filled chocolates.

I used white, milk and dark chocolate then decided to try using candy melts as well so chose red for the roses and hearts..

I melts the chocolate and using a small brush coated the different moulds with various melted chocolate. I placed these in the fridge to set whilst I made the fillings. I decided on caramel for some and chocolate ganache for others.

I also decided to use the ganache to make some chocolate balls. I rolled the ganache into balls and put them in the fridge to harden the rest I placed in an icing bag to fill my moulds. as I had some cream left over I melted some white chocolate and made some white ganache.

I filled my now set moulds and using the rest of the melted chocolate covered the moulds and placed them back in the fridge. I pushed a cockt stick into my ganache balls and dipped them into the melted chocolate, white, red and dark. Then when they were completely set decorated them.

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they all tast fabulous 😋
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Hi Jennie, the first ones are fabulous and could be boxed up as truffles for a Christmas gift, the drizzle on them looks fabulous too.

As for the second ones, I've noticed the air holes in the chocolate. To prevent this, tap the moulds on the kitchen sides before you let them set. This shifts the air bubbles upwards to the top, where you can pop them or smooth them out before they go into the fridge. They have a great shine on the red ones, so did you wipe your moulds out with vodka before pouring the candy melts in?

If you wipe the moulds out beforehand, you can add extra shine to them. Another decoration idea is to make some edible gold paint, get a new toothbrush, flick the paint into the moulds, let it dry and then pour the chocolate in. This will give you gold-painted chocolates and could also be gifted. You could also do it on the Hot chocolate bombs too.

When making chocs, always try to fill them slightly under the mould's rim, so they retain the proper shape; however, if you end up with rough edges, these can be removed by scraping them with a sharp knife.

You seem to be a busy bee with all the chocolate work going on, well done and keep up the good work. 👩‍🍳
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This post has me slightly confused, the way it's set out means I don't know who made the original post so was it you Angie or Tintagel?
It confused me because Jennie's heading is underneath and I'm so used to seeing a person's name and avatar attached to the top of the post not floating on its own underneath. :eyeroll:

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