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Show us your cake, baking and decorating creations here. The fun, fails and everything in between.

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So these are some more of my creations that didn't quite make the cut. This was my attempt at trying to make a feminine version of my superhero toppers, however, she's more hair and glasses than anything else. Add to that, I couldn't get her hair to swish the way I wanted it to, and she definitely wasn't giving me the superhero vibe. So queue round two, whereby I changed her hair, put the mask front and centre, and we end up with 'Olive On the Buses' rather than a kick-butt superhero! I think because her hair is now black and straight, she looks like she's wearing a helmet and has just got off a sidecar hence my Olive on the Buses reference (ask your parents if you don't get me). 😂 Although I think she's cute, I don't think...
I made this cake for a colleague who was leaving to go and work as a kitchen gardener in a large hotel. It was the first time that I had made such a cake and was really proud especially when asked where I had purchased it from and the reactions i received when I said that I had made it.
When I made my ladybirds, and ladybird cake Han decided she wanted to make her own. So after looking through the internet and bringing up lots of different pictures, she finally settled on this black and red version. She made it using Poppy Red & Jet Black Renshaw Icing and then painted the face using White Sugarflair Concentrated Dye. When she'd finished that, she then went on to make this cute little strawberry while she had the icing and dye out. I love it! 😍 How to make easy Ladybird Toppers Baking Adventures Tutorials
As I previously mentioned, I made this frog topper that I have been umming and ahhing over. To be honest, he has cute traits, but my icing was a little dried out when I made him, and I threw him together in a short space of time. Overall I like the body and the size of the eyes even though they aren't symmetrical, but my deliberation was on his feet and whether I should do them webbed or not. I intended to display them as if they were tucked underneath his legs, so you wouldn't be able to see the webbing. Anyhow, in the end, I decided to leave them plain. When I first made him, I used edible eyeballs, but I wasn't happy with his expression as you can see above, so I removed them and used white icing circles and pearls instead, as...
I've been meaning to put this picture on here for a while and have finally got around to posting it. As you know, Han already made the Koya topper and has now made more BT21 toppers by creating the head of RJ and then the whole body of Shooky. She tells me that RJ is a Llama, although every time I see him, I want to call him a sheep; then there's Shooky, I'm not quite sure what he's supposed to be, but he always reminds me of the poo emoji for some reason. 💩 Regardless of what they are, they deserve a place in this section, mainly because they make me smile each time I see them!
Well here it is... the rainbow birthday cake for our granddaughter's 5th birthday yesterday. It's five layers of vanilla sponge, coloured with concentrated pastes, vanilla buttercream in between the layers and crumb coat, milk chocolate buttercream for the icing, dark chocolate ganache for topping and drip. Also topped with maltesers as requested, plus sprinkles. The longest drip broke in transport, can just see where it was. In all the excitement, we forgot to take a picture when we cut it open, so I had to grab an image on a plate before it was eaten completely. Gives you an idea of the layers.
Getting more confident now... knocked this carrot cake up last night. Going down well so far by the look of it.
Well here is the first birthday cake, for youngest son... Different than planned for various reasons. it's a 7-inch two layer chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream between the layers inside. The side is iced with Swiss meringue buttercream, the top and drip are a 50% dark chocolate ganache. I went for the random look with the drip. The icing will get better with practice. The fully finished version had a bought "Happy Birthday" topper behind the square chocolates. Rainbow cake next.
As I mentioned, Han and I were busy creating in the kitchen yesterday. I say we, but Han was doing her thing, and I was doing mine. She's been meaning to make some toppers for a while, well I say a while, I mean over a year now, but unfortunately, due to one thing and another, we never managed to find the time. Queue the Easter Holidays, and we were set on getting some creative time together to make things we'd promised to do during the beginning of lockdown! Originally I would have been making the BT21 figures in 2D form; however, due to creative differences (Han didn't think I would be able to match her vision and execute the toppers to her liking 🙄 (charming...lol). She decided she wanted to start the figures at least and make KOYA...
So here they are... Chocolate Tiffins. Managed to get one photo before they were demolished by the adults and grandchildren.
So here is my very first attempt at any kind of cake, baked last week... certainly an adventure. Seemed to be received ok cake loving wife...
So I have finally broken in my new oven today and made these chocolate chip cookies...lol, erm cupcakes! I made them using large eggs, with orange yolks and dark chocolate chunks. I have sussed out that standing/prepping over a new oven makes me warm, and I can burn my hand when I place the cupcakes in the oven. 🤣 Anyway other than that they baked really well and taste really fluffy so not bad. I shall try and make sure I get back into the swing of baking now that the renovations have finally stopped. Hopefully, I will be regularly wowing you guys with some great cakes and bakes. I do like my new worktop because I didn't even have to break out my photo studio to take this picture. What you can't see though are the bananas and oranges...
Hello, I thought I would share that yesterday I baked some profiteroles with a custard filling. this is the first time I have baked choux pastry and I made the custard from scratch too. I am really happy with how they have turned out. my partner is really happy with them too, I will definitely make them again. Julie