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Show us your cake, baking and decorating creations here. The fun, fails and everything in between.

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Is this another misadventure? So I was playing around with some Teddy Bear designs a few weeks ago and trying to put something together for Valentine's day. However, after playing about with a few things, I finally landed on this. The only problem is the overall look and design of the bears wasn't something I was overjoyed with, so I'm thinking of going back to the drawing board. The thing about bears and me is that I prefer them when they have fur rather than them being flat or smooth. To start with I made this, but the execution is a little rough and ready. I do like the texture idea, and I actually like him 2D, but I think I messed too much with the Dresden tool trying to blend the pieces together, therefore, leaving him looking...
Hi everybody, Continuing with my adventures into all things chocolate, I had a go at making filled chocolates. I used white, milk and dark chocolate then decided to try using candy melts as well so chose red for the roses and hearts.. I melts the chocolate and using a small brush coated the different moulds with various melted chocolate. I placed these in the fridge to set whilst I made the fillings. I decided on caramel for some and chocolate ganache for others. I also decided to use the ganache to make some chocolate balls. I rolled the ganache into balls and put them in the fridge to harden the rest I placed in an icing bag to fill my moulds. as I had some cream left over I melted some white chocolate and made some white...
Hi, I have started to have a go at making hot chocolate bombs. first I melted some dark, white and milk chocolate in the microwave and then coated the inside of the moulds, as I have only one mould i had to do each type of chocolate at a time. i let the chocolate harden in the fridge then when set carefully unmourned them, I heated a very small frying pan and carefully held the cho mould on the pan to smooth the edges, and put them back in the fridge till I had completed all of them. I then filled the moulds with drinking chocolate, blanc for the white bombs and milk for the others. I also added marshmallows. using the heated pan again I held the top mould on the pan just enough to melt the edges so that when I put the two...
Decided to make my Halloween cake yesterday, I made a 6” round chocolate cake and filled and crumb coated with orange flavoured and coloured butter icing. I then covered with purple fondant. things went a little haywire with the decorations, I was fairly happy with my bats, though the painting could be better. I decided on red eyes with white fangs, though it was difficult with the smallness of them. The plan was to make a tree either out of fondant or chocolate but that was a slight disaster so I had to change tack and decided to paint the tree even though that isn’t my strong point 😂 i am fairly pleased with the outcome, my attempt at atmospheric mist was hit and miss.
I was asked to make a cake for one of the gardeners at work who was expecting a baby girl. I was surprised but really pleased. I decided on a teddy and toy theme, with Some baby items. The cake was a vanilla sponge but to add a surprise I added sprinkles to it. I had never made a teddy topper before but after a few false starts was really pleased with my efforts. The cake was a huge hit and she was over the moon with it as was my friend who asked me to make it.
When I made my ladybirds, and ladybird cake Han decided she wanted to make her own. So after looking through the internet and bringing up lots of different pictures, she finally settled on this black and red version. She made it using Poppy Red & Jet Black Renshaw Icing and then painted the face using White Sugarflair Concentrated Dye. When she'd finished that, she then went on to make this cute little strawberry while she had the icing and dye out. I love it! 😍 How to make easy Ladybird Toppers Baking Adventures Tutorials
I really enjoy making birthday cakes for my friends at work. Recently I made a jigsaw cake for Kate who loves doing them, we had a new starter and wasn’t sure what she was into but I knew she loves animals, bugs etc, possibly that is why she applied for the wardens job on our estate, so I made a log and had great fun making all the little creatures. The cake is a chocolate one which I filled with chocolate fudge icing. I used wood moulds for the outside but everything else is handmade. Our park manager left so I created her a garden to relax in, i made a ginger sponge, with ginger syrup and chopped ginger. hope you like them. .
We've been making toppers again this week, and Han's been coming up with her own creations. Keeping with the Alien theme that we've been working on, she has created her own unique Alien Astronaut. She then made a scary alien topper and the moon and stars to go along with it. I love the raised eyes she created when making her scary alien and the way she painted the teeth using the end of a cocktail stick. She used the same technique to create the stars and mixed navy and black sugarflair dyes to create the moody blue colour. Baking Adventures Easy Cupcake Toppers Basic Baking and Cake Decorating Hints, Tips and Tools Recipes and Guides Tutorials
So these are some more of my creations that didn't quite make the cut. This was my attempt at trying to make a feminine version of my superhero toppers, however, she's more hair and glasses than anything else. Add to that, I couldn't get her hair to swish the way I wanted it to, and she definitely wasn't giving me the superhero vibe. So queue round two, whereby I changed her hair, put the mask front and centre, and we end up with 'Olive On the Buses' rather than a kick-butt superhero! I think because her hair is now black and straight, she looks like she's wearing a helmet and has just got off a sidecar hence my Olive on the Buses reference (ask your parents if you don't get me). 😂 Although I think she's cute, I don't think...
These are another of my toppers that didn't quite make the cut. I don't know why but these Rabbits want to remain very manly, and no matter how much I play about with them, I can't seem to get them to have the cute vibe that I'm looking for. Even adding a flower to the second one didn't help and gave me even more manly vibes, so in the end, I decided that these would remain behind the scenes. You can see the shapes I've used to make them, but I'm not happy with the final result, so I guess I'm back to the drawing board. Baking Adventures Easy Cupcake Toppers Basic Baking and Cake Decorating Hints, Tips and Tools Recipes and Guides Tutorials
I made this cake for a colleague who was leaving to go and work as a kitchen gardener in a large hotel. It was the first time that I had made such a cake and was really proud especially when asked where I had purchased it from and the reactions i received when I said that I had made it.
As I previously mentioned, I made this frog topper that I have been umming and ahhing over. To be honest, he has cute traits, but my icing was a little dried out when I made him, and I threw him together in a short space of time. Overall I like the body and the size of the eyes even though they aren't symmetrical, but my deliberation was on his feet and whether I should do them webbed or not. I intended to display them as if they were tucked underneath his legs, so you wouldn't be able to see the webbing. Anyhow, in the end, I decided to leave them plain. When I first made him, I used edible eyeballs, but I wasn't happy with his expression as you can see above, so I removed them and used white icing circles and pearls instead, as...
I've been meaning to put this picture on here for a while and have finally got around to posting it. As you know, Han already made the Koya topper and has now made more BT21 toppers by creating the head of RJ and then the whole body of Shooky. She tells me that RJ is a Llama, although every time I see him, I want to call him a sheep; then there's Shooky, I'm not quite sure what he's supposed to be, but he always reminds me of the poo emoji for some reason. 💩 Regardless of what they are, they deserve a place in this section, mainly because they make me smile each time I see them! Baking Adventures Easy Cupcake Toppers Basic Baking and Cake Decorating Hints, Tips and Tools Recipes and Guides Tutorials