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Valentine's Sweet Cones Tutorial (1 Viewer)

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As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I have been looking at alternative things you could give to your loved ones this year. So if you don't fancy cranking up the oven, then why not give these Sweet Cones a whirl instead.

Not only are they scrumptiously delicious, but they're also great fun to make, and you can get the kids involved too! The only problem you'll have is ensuring the sweets end up in the bag and not in your mouth! But who cares we could all do with a little sweetness of late!

How to make Sweet Cones?

To make the sweet cones, you will need the following:
  • Clear Cone Bags
  • Assortment of Sweets
  • Gold Ties
  • Pull Flower Ribbons or Ribbon of Choice
  • Food Safe Gloves - If Required
Optional - To make them more personal, you could also include stickers or messages inside.

The best thing about the cones is selecting what goes in them, and they don't take long to do either.

Note - If you're making them for your own family, ensure you have clean hands; however, if you are making them as gifts or selling, please use gloves.

Now to begin... add the sweets layer by layer.

1a Sweet Cones by Help Me Bake.jpg

I started with Millions and Marshmallows.

2a Sweet Cones by Help Me Bake-001 (Medium).jpg

Then Red Lips for a Valentine's Day Theme.

2 Sweet Cones by Help Me Bake.jpg

I then added small packets of Love Hearts.

8 Sweet cones by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

To keep the love hearts in place, I used Jazzies in the back.

2ca Sweet cones by Help Me Bake.jpg

I continued with the layers until I reached the top of the bag. I then twisted the cone bag and tied it together with a gold seal.

2d  Sweet Cones by Help Me Bake (Medium)-001.jpg

The Jazzies wedged the Love Hearts in place and prevented the next layer of marshmallows from spilling downwards.

2cb Sweet Cones by Help Me Bake.jpg

For extra flair or decoration, you can add pull flower ribbons or a ribbon of your choice.

3 Sweet Cones by Help Me Bake.jpg

I used the pull bow flower ribbons. These have strands that you use to tie around the cone, and then you snip off the ends to leave the bow in place.

3b Sweet cones by Help Me Bake.jpg

Et voila! A pretty gift made in minutes!

4 Sweet Cones by Help Me Bake.jpg

So whether they are for that someone special or something to make with the kids, they're sure to be a big hit all around!

Enjoy! x

6 Sweet Cones By Help Me Bake (2).jpg

5b Sweet Cones by Help Me Bake.jpg

Where can I buy the clear cone bags and pull bows from?
  • You can buy the bows and the bags together in the Uk but in the US you would have to buy them separately.

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