sweet treats

  1. Angie

    Chocolate Christmas Pigs in Blankets Cake Toppers

    Keeping up with the festivities but having a different take this year, I thought I would make some Christmas Pigs in Blankets toppers for you. I made them using the following items: Walnut Whip Pink, Green & Red Icing Black Pearls Blanket Mould Ball Tool Smile Tool Edible Glue These festive...
  2. Angie

    How to make S'mores Tutorial - Microwave Method

    If you've ever wanted to whip up those ooey-gooey marshmallow treats that our American friends love so much, well, now you can. Not only have I put together a quick and easy S'mores tutorial. But you can make a batch of them in a matter of minutes without the need for a bonfire! Having said...
  3. Angie

    Mini Egg Fudge Tutorial

    If you are looking for a silky smooth fudge with no boiling involved, then this is the stuff for you. This creamy melt in the mouth Mini Egg Fudge is extremely easy to make and tastes delicious too. Moreover, it doesn't take long to make, and your family and friends will adore it! Here is the...
  4. Angie

    Sweet Boxes Ideas and Themes

    If you are looking at other gift ideas for the summer, then how about making some of these sweet boxes. Great for both children and adults alike, they can be filled with any sweet treat imaginable. Perfect for parties, weddings, get-togethers, or even for a Friday night treat. The only thing...
  5. Angie

    How to make Cakesicles

    Cakesicles are the new trendy sweet treat that seem to be doing the rounds at the minute. Great for Weddings, Baby Showers, Mother's Day gifts, you name it Cakesicles fit the bill. What's a Cakesicle? (I hear you ask!) They're a new take on the original cake pop! Not only do they look cute...
  6. Angie

    Smashable Hearts with Mini Hammer Guide

    Yes! I've seen these beauties doing the rounds recently, so I thought I'd have a bash at making them (excuse the pun 😁). These geometric smashable hearts are hollow inside, which allows you to fill them with whatever you require. Rolos are a firm favourite, along with small candy sweets or...
  7. Angie

    Valentine's Sweet Cones Tutorial

    As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I have been looking at alternative things you could give to your loved ones this year. So if you don't fancy cranking up the oven, then why not give these Sweet Cones a whirl instead. Not only are they scrumptiously delicious, but they're also great...
  8. Angie

    Treacle Toffee Apples and Lollipops

    Here is a recipe guide and pictures to show you how to make Treacle Toffee Apples and Lollipops. Caution this is a hot mix and may burn or scald. Ingredients: 475 grams / 17 oz Brown Sugar 225 grams / 8 oz Unsalted Butter 115 grams / 4 oz Golden Syrup 100 grams / 3.5 oz Black Treacle ½...
  9. Angie

    How to make Honeycomb Cinder Toffee (Tutorial) - Dalgona Candy Squid Game Cookie

    Here is a step by step tutorial showing you how to make Honeycomb Toffee. It may also be known as Cinder Toffee and is similar to Korean Dalgona Candy albeit we add Golden Syrup to this recipe whereas they just use the sugar and baking soda. Ingredients/Equipment:- 5 Tablespoons Golden...