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How to make Strawberry Fruit Trifle Cup - Tutorial (1 Viewer)

If you want to indulge a little this summer then why not try your hand at making these quick and easy Summertime Trifles.


You will require a batch of pre-made cupcakes that have been cooled, please see the Victoria Cupcakes Tutorial to help you. This recipe can be halved to make six cupcakes.

Tip: How many trifles you get depends on the size of your plastic cups and how much cake and strawberry you wish to put in each. For a family of four, I would make 12 cupcakes, use 2 punnets of strawberries and use the large plastic cups for each trifle.

  • 1 Batch of Cupcakes
  • 1 Punnet Strawberries (Pre-wash your Strawberries in cold water and dry them with kitchen towel).
  • Fresh Squirty Cream
  • Ready-Made Custard
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Plastic Cups & Spoons



1. Slice the cupcakes horizontally into three sections.


2. Place a slice of cake into the plastic cup and then slice some strawberries and place the strawberry slices on top of the cake. With the other trifle, I started with squirty cream first. As an alternative to strawberries, you could use berries instead.


3. Now add a layer of custard, I poured mine slowly straight from the carton; however, you could use a spoon to place the custard on.


4. Add another layer of cake, and then add a layer of squirty cream, build up the layers until you have reached the top of the plastic cup.



5. Once you have reached just under the top, then add a layer of squirty cream and some chocolate sprinkles like so.


6. However, for extra decadence, you can whip some extra squirty cream up on one side and then add a strawberry on the other to balance it out, then add some chocolate sprinkles and enjoy al fresco!



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