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Strawberry cheesecake (1 Viewer)

Strawberry cheesecake

Christmas Day strawberry cheesecake for Jessica and her boyfriend, Sam, who don't like Christmas pud!

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I agree Jean it does look good, making me hungry especially as I haven't got any strawberries this weekend, Co-op didn't have any when I went in on Friday and the veg shop across the road was closed. :(
We have quite a few in the Gateaux Angie brought. I will definitely need to do keep fit in jan with all this cake as we're already eaten half the Christmas cake and finished the mince pies off. :plead:
We've managed to half eat our Christmas cake as well, there's only the 2 of us and hubby bought a Lidl Christmas cake that says on the box it will feed 16. :roflmao:

For the first time in years I didn't make my own mince pies this year and hubby bought a couple of boxes of Spar mince pies from the garage a few miles away, they were quite nice actually.:wink:

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