1. Angie

    How to make Brownie Berry Trifle

    This is a mini-guide showing you how to create your very own Brownie Berry Trifle! Filled with succulent berries, heaps of cream and a delicious brownie to boot, who wouldn't love one of these in the midst of summer? To make your own Brownie Berry Trifles, you will need the following...
  2. Angie

    Chocolate Barbecue Bananas Recipe guide.

    For a sweet treat at the barbecue, simply peel some banana's, make incisions into the banana every 1cm or so but do not CUT, then insert Cadburys milk chocolate buttons in the incisions. Cover in baking foil and place on the barbecue for around 5 mins. Serve with Cream or Tia Maria. Caution...
  3. Angie

    How to make Strawberry Fruit Trifle Cup - Tutorial

    If you want to indulge a little this summer then why not try your hand at making these quick and easy Summertime Trifles. You will require a batch of pre-made cupcakes that have been cooled, please see the Victoria Cupcakes Tutorial to help you. This recipe can be halved to make six cupcakes...
  4. Jean

    Healthy recipes.

    Angie have you got any healthy recipes that I could have a go at?