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How to make a Banana and Strawberry Fruit smoothie. (1 Viewer)

How to Make a Banana and Strawberry Fruit smoothie recipe for the summer.

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  • Natural 0% Fat Yoghurt - (Yogurt for the US)
  • *Fresh or Frozen Strawberries
  • *Fresh or Frozen Bananas
  • 3 - 4 Tablespoons Milk - Optional**
  • ½ - 1 Tablespoon Honey
You will need a smoothie maker or blender; I make mine using a Nutri Ninja.


MAKE SURE if you are using a blender to be extremely CAREFUL with the blades and ensure that if you are blending frozen fruit or Ice, your blender or smoothie maker can actually chop it up. I made this mistake with my smoothie to-go maker, and I obliterated the motor because it couldn't chop frozen fruit! So please check before making.


1 Place around 200ml yoghurt into your nutri ninja cup.

2 Add a handful of frozen strawberries, I used about 4-5 pieces.

3 Now add a handful of frozen banana, around 4-5 pieces.

4 Add a splash of milk, ** I only add milk to thin the mixture down so depending on how thick you like your smoothie will depend on how much milk you add.

5 Squeeze a tablespoon of honey to your mixture and then seal the lid.

6 Place the cup into your machine and blend for approx 45 -60 seconds.

7 Once blended, drink straight away or place the lid on your cup and store in the fridge, so it's ready when you're on the go.

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*Using frozen fruit helps keep the smoothie ice cold. If you are using room-temperature or chilled fruit, you may wish to add a little ice or place your smoothie in the fridge for about ten minutes before drinking so the temperature drops and it becomes cold.


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