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They did look like fun and you could eat them, even better. Glad you found it useful and if and when I find anymore I'll post them for you.

Love your description of Googling. :D
I hear you Bill, I'm so tired I can barely think....


Thanks Joan, apparently they are edible but don't taste great because they are just gelatin but when I manage to have half a house that looks normal and some time on my hands I'll have a play about.

Yeah anything thing like that send my way.

I'm glad you like the fu! Lol! :wink:
I meant battered onion rings. We have some salty snack thingies called Funyuns that are OK.


Don't think there's any onions in them, lol.

If I come out of the field, I will do the online work I do now after running my service calls. With that time, I will do tech support for all the techs during the day (I take a lot of support calls from techs while I am running calls, but don't have all the resources I have at home). I will then start to fix all the other techs. If I can improve them even 1% it will mean like $300,000 a year.

The idea is to correct bad habits, educate them, and catch when a call could have been completed on the 1st trip, and hopefully the next time, same mistakes will not be made. It has the potential to really save/make us money. Plus I will have more of an impact on how the company does. At this point my abilities are being somewhat wasted running calls for 6-10 hours a day (I then do 5-6 average hours online work).

Plus, it will save my sanity, lol

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@ Bill, no I' don't think there are any onion in onion rings but they are tasty! :p

Ooh tech support, you'll be a dab hand at that, so does that mean you get to work from home or do you get to work in an office?

I'm hoping that if you have a big impact on the productivity of the company then you should be paid big bucks for the smooth running of things. It sounds really good and will definitely impact your sanity and health, hopefully if you're not running at full speed you may be able to breathe once in a while and have a more relaxed and balanced work schedule.

As for me I'm all systems go, in between internet shopping, painting, washing, box opening, box stacking (we are currently running out of room in the hall way) and today's marathon of accounting we're kind of getting there. Here are my wonderful stacking skills...


I have to keep sliding them though as they're in front of the coat cupboard so I slide them one way and then John slides them back again so he can get out of his room.
You're not telling me you let him out, what is wrong with you woman. :roflmao::Devil:
Yeah, I'd work from home. Office is an hour+ away, no thanks, lol. One thing about working from home. Roll out of bed, and you're at work, lol. Great commute. A Guy
Yeah, I'd work from home. Office is an hour+ away, no thanks, lol. One thing about working from home. Roll out of bed, and you're at work, lol. Great commute. A Guy

I hear you, and you get to wear what you want and no rush hour whoop whoop, I love my commute, except I have to do the school run too but everything else works out fab. I don't mind having two jobs when I get to work my own hours. :D

Today I have been scrubbing everything down to try and remove all the paint John has flicked all over and I'm now finally getting everything ready for when my deliveries are coming, there is still some painting to do and a little touch up here and there but other than that we're nearly finished. I'll be so PLEASED when this room is finished.
You're not the only one I want to thoroughly steam clean the house from top to bottom! Tomorrow is the last day really as the carpet comes on Thursday so the final painting has to be done tomorrow.
We finally put the Christmas tree up today and a few cards, it's finally beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. :thumbs:

I went to see The Bodyguard at the weekend at the Palace theatre in Manchester which was fabulous, Zoe Birkett played the part of Rachel Marron and she was absolutely sensational, she really should be accredited with the shows she is doing as she is currently doing all the matinees until the end of December I think. She has an amazing voice and was made for the part, she was very believable as Rachel and made the part her own, we were totally in awe of her and the rest of the cast. Fantastic! Some of the audience were still in panto mode as there were a few heckles of don't open the door and a lot of booing and hissing at the bad guy! Great fun though and a wonderful show. I would highly recommend Zoe, her singing gave me goosebumps! :D


We saw Torvill and Dean in panto last week in Cinderella and they were fabulous, it was great fun and the kids loved it too.

This week is going to be a very busy one with lit's of last minute jobs and final prep before Christmas.

I bet you're all done wrapped and putting your feet up now aren't you?
Yes. :p I leave Kelly doing the wrapping as she has the presents for the kids. All I have to do is send her the money, she shops all year round and at least that way it's staggered so I don't have a large amount of money to find. The adults have DVDs, Kelly has Bones and Peter this year had Hawaii Five O, the new one. :)

It's great not having to wrack my brain thinking of what to get them. :wink:
I know it's really hard getting people presents, some of my family are ok to buy for but others are a little more hard work. I leave John to get his Dad's and I get everybody else's. I will have a mountain of wrapping to get through but I just need to make sure that I have bought everyone something because currently I think I'm running a little short. :shock:
Looks like they will hire another guy for me to train to be my replacement. Won't be through until next year, but it's progressing :wink:

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Looks like they will hire another guy for me to train to be my replacement. Won't be through until next year, but it's progressing :wink:

A Guy

That's good to hear Bill, let's hope you don't have to wait too long. :)
Looks like January 11th I will get my hands on him. But supposed to be only a week, so...we shall see. A Guy
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