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Well, I enjoyed my second Christmas dinner with what I brought back home with me yesterday, I had a spare Christmas pudding as well so had that after with custard.

After I sent a text to Kelly telling her I'd enjoyed it she said she was having leftovers today as well.

Peter did get a call out, he'd managed to finish his dinner and we were resting before having our pudding. He wasn't gone too long, even though it was classed as a house fire it wasn't a bad one and it was out when they got there.

We had a good time, still a bit subdued as there was one of us missing but as far as Caia is concerned he's there, as she's the only one to see him you have to ask her where he is at any given time. 😂


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It sounds like you have a wonderful time with lots of food and celebrations. ❤️

We had a movie marathon day, and Han's all movie'd out now. 🤣 Every time I ask her if she wants to watch something, she finds about a million things to go and do. 😂
I've nearly caught up with the programs I've got recorded, mainly Gogglebox. Yesterday I watched the Downton Abbey Film and I've watched The Amazing Mr Blunden this morning.

Not really watched a lot today as I've been busy sorting out the rubbish, it's collection day tomorrow, it has to be out before 6.30 am so I put it out the night before. It's surprising how little I have to send out these days now I'm on my own, mind you we always knew who made all the mess. 😂
Until recently I thought it was Downtown Abbey :relaxed: Never watched it, had just seen the listing, lol

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Until recently I thought it was Downtown Abbey :relaxed: Never watched it, had just seen the listing, lol

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The television series finished but they went on and made a film which carried on from where it had left off, 1927. I believe next year they intend to make another one.

I never watched it when it was on the TV but I know I liked the series Upstairs Downstairs so thought I'd give it a try, I really enjoyed it and the film so I'll probably watch the next one as well.
I've never watched either of them. However, I did watch Paddington the other day, and then the second one a day later. I even got Han to watch 10 minutes of it too. 🤣 I'm coaxing her back into film land.
Yesterday I watched the first Harry Potter again and at the moment I'm watching the second one. :D
I watched the third one this afternoon. I bought the boxed set of all 8 films then I bought the 2 fantasy films after that.

I've found since John's death I've been watching stuff that he would never think about, I'm catching up with such a lot of stuff I've missed out on.
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