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My tree's finally up, and I even let Han decorate it this year! 🎄I did it in the proper order too, as in lights first, then tinsel and then the decs. Well, Han did those because by the time I'd unwrapped everything, set the tree up and put the lights on without making myself dizzy, I needed a sit-down, so I handed over the reins and let her finish it.

Christmas Tree Lighting GIF by NBC

Every year I always end up doing it the wrong way around, except this year. Han now gets why I get territorial over my tree and end up like Monica! 🤣 She's done an excellent job, though...I've taught her well. 😁

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I still haven't done cards though! 😂
I've given out all my cards, mind you, I don't have as many this year as I used to have when I was working and actually left the house. I surprised myself this year by writing all my cards at the beginning of the month. 😂
Of course I do, you should see my corner, I keep tidying it up but then find there's something else I need to put nearby. 🤣
Well, at least you're tidying it; I'm not doing too bad on that front; it's just the accounts and admin stuff I'm trying to sort out. Han's finished school today, so I am juggling everything and making sure things get done. My workspace is tidy but having said that I keep changing offices! 🤣
How many offices have you got? I've just got the living room now, Johns office is the storeroom for things I'm keeping and my office is for stuff to get rid of. :D
I thought that was probably going to be the answer, do you count the loo as well. 🤣
Nooooooooo! That's wrong on so many levels. 😲

So are you guys getting excited about spending time with the families? 🌲
I'm going to Kelly's for my Christmas day dinner, I'll get to meet the new puppy, I'm looking forward to it.

We just hope Peter doesn't get a callout and spoil things.

I've been trying to find my Christmas Avatar, but can't, it's the same as the one I have now but with a Santa hat on. I've spent too much time looking for it so you'll just have to make do with me the way I am. 🤣
Lol! I'm with you Joan no Santa hat this year. Have a lovely time tomorrow with the family and the new puppy.

Christmas Tree Dog GIF
Thanks Angie, I'm looking forward to it, but in another way it means leaving my sanctuary where I'm safe. :scream:

I'll be fine, too much time on my own makes me do too much deep thinking. 😘
I'm currently on sausage and turkey duty, catch up with you guys later.

Merry Christmas.

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I had a nice time today, I enjoyed my dinner and even got to bring a doggy bag home so I can have it again tomorrow.

The kids were happy with what they had, Caia had received a set of walkie-talkies and was quite thrilled telling me she had got her own laptop, it was actually my Asus that I let Kelly have for her. 😂
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