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Today: Hello there...what have you been doing up to? 2023 (1 Viewer)

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That is brilliant Bill, was it you that did it or one of your many photos of useless information? It made me laugh when I saw it and wonder what the teeth are made of, I love lemon meringue pie. :D
That pie looked a little mean, so I don't think I would have had a piece. Having said that, these are too cute to eat!

hot dogs.png

The weather is dry at the minute, hopefully, I can get out at some point and snip the heads off my hydrangeas as they are already budding underneath, but I haven't had the chance to deadhead them yet. I'm hoping the weather will pick up as it shows blue skies, then keeps going grey. We're still trying to work out what to do with the garden, but until then, we shall just keep adding a few plants here and there.
Cave man continues. No internet since Thursday. We had an outage, and when it came back mine didn't. I'm on my phone using the free Xfinity Wi-Fi all customers can access. Also means my neighbors is working. The kicker...they can't come to check it until Monday evening! So I'll be scarce until then. My Mon is in the hospital and not doing well...too much to get into. Hopefully be able to drop in until I am restored

Aww bless, I hope things turn around for you soon Bill. So sorry to hear about your Mom, sending her well wishes. Thank you for posting and keeping us updated.

Big hugs from all of us. ❤️
Back on the internet again finally. 4 days it was off. Guy found the issue and fixed in once he got here. So that's working

A Guy
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