1. Angie

    Mr Potato Head Creme Egg by Judith - BSG

    It was demo time at this month's BSG meeting, and I was thrilled to discover that this time, Judith had landed on making Mr Potato Head. Not only is he made from delectable chocolatey goodness, but he's immensely cute, too, so much so I couldn't even begin to devour him after we made him. This...
  2. Angie

    GBBO is finally back!!!!

    Roll up, roll up, exciting news here folks! The release date for the upcoming season of our beloved GBBO has finally been announced. Following a highly anticipated wait, cryptic adverts and scouring the web to discover more. It has now officially been confirmed the Great British Bake Off will...
  3. Angie

    As seen on the Internet [3]

    Short funny videos.
  4. Angie

    Keep One Change One [3]

    Keep One, Change One. Replace one of the words with a new corresponding word.
  5. Angie

    Keep One Change One

    New Game :D
  6. Angie

    Last Letter Game [4]

  7. Angie

    10 Coolest Party Games

    These are funny!
  8. Angie

    Happy Halloween!

    This is our last-minute attempt at Halloween seeing as we only managed to get the last pumpkin in the store yesterday! Here's Han hard at work carving, bless her she said we could share the pumpkin because I didn't have one. I would have done, but I bought the last two in the store yesterday...
  9. Angie

    Our Trip to The Cake and Bake Show - Event City Manchester November 2016

    Well, today Jules and I have had much fun at the Cake and Bake Show again at Event City, there have been lots of amazing cake creations, yummy stalls, fab lessons to learn and many cake goods to see so we've been making the most of the cake fest! I have taken lots of photos, met some lovely...
  10. Joan

    Happy Pancake Day!

    I love pancakes, with lemon and sugar, if I've not made my own I've used, I think it's called Betty Crocker, mix that is in a container that you just add water too and shake well. The only problem with that is you don't get many pancakes from it, only about 6. :(
  11. Angie

    Today...what have you been up to? [3]

    Happy New Year my lovelies! Bill you can be an honorary girlie any time. ;)
  12. A Guy

    Last Letter Game [2]

    Delicious A Guy
  13. Angie

    Pirate Cupcakes Class

    Arghhh, ahoy there mateys! Can I interest you in sailing the stormy seas, walking the plank or looking for some hidden cupcake treasure! Well me hearties on this two-hour session that's just what we'll be doing. Come aboard, relax and have fun watching our demonstrations and then indulge...
  14. Angie

    Enchanted Fairy Garden Cupcake Class Student Creations

    So we're finally back after the summer break and this evening's lesson is enchanting and all things fairy themed. It is lovely to see familiar faces returning and wonderful to see our new batch of students who are eager to learn. Once we have all the formalities out of the way, I then begin...
  15. Angie

    Today...what have you been up to? [2]

    Today I've been making these chocolate strawberries! I think I need smaller strawberries but I must admit they were delicious albeit very chocolatey! :p
  16. Angie

    School Graduation Cupcakes Class

    This graduation themed cupcake workshop is a great way of giving back and as the school's nearly out how about giving the teachers a well-deserved treat. Come and learn some new skills yourself and then teach your own children how to recreate these delightful cupcakes. Edible learning, how cool...
  17. Angie

    Tea Party Cupcakes Class

    Tea anyone? Yes, you've guessed it we are making all things sweet in this tea party inspired decorating class. With tea, cake, and delectable afternoon treats who wouldn't want to be on this workshop. No prior experience is necessary; demonstrations and help are provided throughout along with...
  18. Angie

    Wedding and Bridal Shower Cupcakes Workshop

    Yes it's that time again when weddings are just around the corner, so if you know someone who is about to tie the knot then how about gifting them a Wedding Themed Cupcake Class. It could be a relaxing hen party treat or perhaps you could learn the skills to gift someone a box of lovely wedding...
  19. Angie

    Springtime Cupcake Class

    The birds are singing the sunshine is in your hair, and there is most definitely a spring in your step. So if you fancy a tweet, then come along to our Springtime Cupcake workshop. Join in the fun, where no prior experience is necessary, demonstrations and help are provided throughout the...
  20. Angie

    Cosmetic Make-Up Cupcakes Class

    Come on, ladies Coffee, Cake, and Edible Make-Up Goodies sounds like heaven to me. So if you are looking to brighten up the start of your year then come and join us in this 'Makeup' inspired cupcake workshop. We will lay the foundation, add a dash of colour and have you feeling a million...