1. Angie

    Today: Hello there...what have you been doing up to? 2023

    New year, new thread, new beginnings, new chapters! ❤️
  2. Angie

    Keep One Change One

    New Game :D
  3. Angie

    Today...what have you been up to? [5]

    Well we had the delivery this morning, one broken egg and nothing substituted so we’re good on that score. I’m not quite sure when our next one is and John’s been to the butcher’s today for meat supplies so other than revising with Han I think we’re now sorted. I can’t believe it’s Christmas on...
  4. Angie

    Today...what have you been up to? [2]

    Today I've been making these chocolate strawberries! I think I need smaller strawberries but I must admit they were delicious albeit very chocolatey! :p
  5. Angie

    Last Letter Game