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Look forward to seeing the cake when you're able to show it. I've been busy with the last few settings on John's new machine.
Once I've carved the shape it shouldn't take me that long to do so if I get chance I'll post the pic tomorrow. Have you finished tinkering with the settings yet.
More or less Angie, I'll be setting it up on his desk tomorrow he got himself a new printer today as the one we've been using was playing up and he kept losing connection with it which meant none of the machines could print plus he'd lost the use of the start button. This may have been because he'd screwed up the Anniversary update on his old machine. He got himself a Cannon, I've not taken it out of the box yet so don't know what it's like, we've never had that brand before. :wink:
With our Epson's we've always used JetTec inks, we can buy a set for just over £14 from Premier Ink. Still not opened the box but he did say it takes 2 cartridges so I'd assume it would be 1 Black and 1 Colour. He doesn't know how much the colour is but the Black was just over £7 and he only really uses Black, you don't need colour to print accounts although you do when you're printing off forms from the tax office.

He's back in his office and up and running, he has sound now as well, the speakers from his old computer worked so it's just the printer to connect now when I get 5 minutes. Oh and I'll have to sort out his install of Office and do the phone activation again.:grrr:

I can now sort out my new machine, yippee. :dinesh:
Ok I was thinking the same thing Bill, she's a proper technician isn't she. As for connection I don't know what it is at the moment but connectivity in this house at the minute is awful, my Sky box is driving me mad, we have to restart every two minutes to watch something. Johns re jiggled all the wiring though so fingers crossed.
What type of box do you have Angie and how old is it ? I know you said you've had to restart a couple of times, do you leave the box alone for a while before starting again, I would have thought you wouldn't have connection problems in your house with John around. Do you think it could be problems with your router ?
It's the new Q one Joan, John has managed to put it in Eco mode which apparently helps with the problem, he's also done some fandangled wiring since we've had a few connectivity issues but they seem to be resolved now. We think it's the wi-fi connection, I just nod, as long as I can watch TV I leave the cables and wiring to IT. :p
:roflmao:Nice one Bill. :wink: Not been around the forums much the last few days while I'm setting up the new computers. John has his set up on his desk now and I'm doing mine, so we have to go back to eating on our knees for now as I've taken over the dinning table and as it's only one for 2 people no room to eat as well as assemble a computer. :roflmao:
Today they started the process of sorting out getting me a new boiler for the heating via the government grant scheme. We should have no problem getting it, for a start the one that's in is 13 years old and the energy survey will show we should get the full grant, fingers crossed in about a months time a new boiler will be fitted. The office managed to get in touch with the landlord, he's in Russia at the moment, and as it's not going to cost him anything it should be plain sailing. :D

Typing this from my new machine, I'm busy burning to DVD stuff I want from the old machine before clearing it out and taking it out of action and putting this one in my office, it's all good fun. :D
I call him allsorts Bill, IT is one of my nicer ones. :p Lol Joan you sound like John when he starts building things, he takes over as much space as he can. I'm sure all will go well with the boiler but I l have my fingers crossed for you. Here's the Racing Car Cake. I've not been around much either, I've been busy in the kitchen, I think I will call this week biscuit week as I've made healthy peanut butter cookies with stevia it's an alternative to sugar so I made those for John. I then made oat cookies and choc chip oat cookies and then this morning I have made chocolate macaroons so I have a lot of posting to do when I get five mins!

@Bill...ooh car weekend go Michael! :D
Ooh! you've made my mouth water now and I'd just finished eating my baps, they were filled with butter, philly, red onions and lettuce. Think I'll go and get a Smarty ice cream cone now. :homer_drooling:
Well today I should be moving my new machine off the dining table into my office and the Homegroup back in tact, oh and yes be able to print again.

Then John will get rid of my old one, along with the monitor, they are old so by today's standard the connections are way out of date. At least I wont lose out on monitor size, the new one is 21.5" and my old one was 22" it wouldn't connect to the new computer anyway so that's a good job.

I may still be able to carry on with my keyboard though but the new ones not too bad if I have to use it.

OK finished my after dinner coffee so going to disappear now for awhile while I start the move. :wink:
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