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I'm still last minute buying Joan, I've just checked out what Han has got and basically it's not a lot so I've just added a few stocking fillers on for her.

Hopefully Bill the end is in sight, at least you have been given a date so hopefully that is something to work towards. Roll on the 11th January for you then. When do you wind down for Christmas?
Will go to my brothers for Xmas eve family gathering, so took Thursday off. Will have a 4 day weekend, only having to do my Thursday online work sometime during the 4 days. Possible a month from now I will be off the road :D

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Just had a quiet day, decided as it's just the 2 of us we'd treat it as just a normal Friday and have our Christmas dinner on Sunday, don't see the point of the time and expense of doing a full chicken dinner today then have to do it again on Sunday. :eyeroll:

Done all the chaos times when the kids were growing up so it's our time now and we like it quiet, it's better for my health anyway. :wink:

Hope you've had a good day Angie and Han got spoilt. :D
Very nice, my Mom and 2 brothers, and their families and extended families. Got to see my new grand niece too. Nice dinner and desserts. No gifts otherwise, but been there , done that :)

I hope you all have great New Years too. A Guy
Well this year we had Christmas dinner at home for the first time in ten years and it was FAB! We got up on Christmas morning after Hannah finally ventured in (we pretended to still be sleeping lol :p) then we went downstairs to see what "Santa" had brought her. She was really pleased with all her gifts and we all had a lovely chilled out day, John was supposed to be on kitchen duty but somehow that managed to land on me. We had bacon butties for breakfast and then we had a turkey dinner later on in the day. I had to laugh, I know we do casual an all but Hannah had got so hot she rocked up to Christmas dinner wearing a T-Shirt and not much else! She said she was warm! I know we're casual but come on :eyeroll: I quickly told her to go and put a dress on.

We did crackers, donned party hats and ate dinner although I forgot my cranberry!


Later on we ate chocs and watched films, it was lovely just to spend Christmas as a family and not be rushing here there and everywhere.

As for Boxing Day, well the floods came although we were okay thankfully, it was just the surrounding areas that weren't.

I bought Han some character books for Christmas and we have been using them, I'm so impressed with her free hand drawing and now that after some 30+ years I can actually draw something that looks good. I really enjoyed using these books and will definitely write a review on them. These are what we've done!



These ones are mine!

IMG_20151226_163611-001.jpg IMG_20151226_163621-001.jpg
Today I have been working on the new Review section of the site, I've been asking John for ages to sort it out for me and now I have finally got my hands on the software I'll now be able to go through all the stuff I've been sitting on and finally start to review it all. There are definitely some tweaks needed but I'm writing a list as we speak so hopefully it will evolve into a lovely section over the coming months! :D

Han and I have been baking recently, as the weather outside is frightful....I thought that I would bring some sunshine into our lives and make some Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes, yes that's right I made a cupcake in a cone. I'm going to do a tutorial and some vids on this which Han helped me with so when I get a second you'll be able to see how these lovelies are made.
Looking forward to seeing the new creations. Glad to hear you had a good Christmas just the 3 of you at home.

Had a doctors visit today, had just started on another course of antibiotics and he's put me on a course of steroids and water tablets. He's sending the district nurse round on Monday to take bloods then he'll see me in a fortnight. I'm not kidding but trying to work out times to take everything in an orderly fashion. :shock:
Very nice :) Take care ladies. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Have enjoyed our "girls time" this year :D

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Happy New Year to you as well Bill, and we know you're a guy but it's still nice to see you around here. :wink:
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