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That sounds a bit like me, I kept thinking it was Saturday yesterday, :lmao: mind you it will be by the time I get to bed have to stay up to get my next Tesco slot. :eyeroll:

What does Hannah do next is it College or University for her?

I look forward to seeing your Chocolate Bark

She's in College now (also known as 6th Form, or Year 12, which is the first year of her A Levels). She then does another year of A Levels, and then she's off to Uni.

The chocolate bark is sitting at the minute as we've been to Panto today! Whoop, whoop! I haven't been for about four years, so it was really lovely to get back out and see it today, especially because Jason Manford (who is one of my favourite comedians) and Ben Nickless, who has been in numerous pantos that I have seen, were both in it.

We had such fun, and it was a lovely way to start the Christmas countdown.
Happy Belated

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Lol! Love it. Thank you.

We're currently playing party games at the minute with my really bad drawing skills! :lmao:
We were just talking about times we laughed so hard our faces hurt on Christmas. My dad when he was still with us showed us his Merchant Marine card. His designation was Wiper (he kept the excess oil and grease on equipment in check). We were making jokes about "Did he see a lot of duty", and "He must have hated chili night for dinner", etc. We were all laughing so hard :D

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Aww, that's so nice that you have those memories to look back on. ❤️

We were playing a game called Who, What, Where. It gives you three things like mine, for instance, was a Porcupine, shovelling snow, on a roller coaster. You have about two-three minutes to draw it, and then the other person has to guess what it is whilst the sand timer drops. Han couldn't stop laughing because she had no idea what I'd drawn; funnily enough, she did get the porcupine but thought the roller coaster was mountains. Then when I drew a hamster that looked like a cat, she was in hysterics. :lmao:
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