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Hi Angie,

I am looking to bake some Halloween cookies using moulds (and if they work do some Christmas ones later) but need a recipe that doesn’t spread as I want to decorate them.
Do you have a fail safe recipe that keeps its shape but isn’t too hard (I.e. when you eat it not to make 😂)

Thanks Jennie
Thank you Angie, I tried an edible marker but couldn’t find one with a long enough tip not to keep rubbing on the sides, so I used dust mixed with vodka….shhh don’t tell the husband 😉.

The stamps were from Amazon and were 1066 collection, they are really good as king as you keep remembering to dust with flour every time. If any residue is on the cookie I just dusted it off with a soft brush.

I used a silver dust for the moon thinking it would fit the Halloween theme better, but yes yellow might have stood out better.

I took in about 40 and by the end of the day there were only 5 left…….I think they may have enjoyed them 😂
I used to have some Betty Crocker Easy Writer edible pens years ago, which were really good. They had a thick nib but a soft end, so they would fit into small corners because the end was soft like a paintbrush. I looked online but can't seem to find them, so I'm not sure if they make them anymore.

Lol! You're fine with the vodka, it evaporates anyway that's why you don't leave your paint uncovered for too long otherwise, it will turn back into dust again.

As for the moon, autumn gold or yellow may be a way to go just to give you some depth and colour.

Crikey, 40 cookies, you're so good to all your work colleagues. Is the cake for them too?
No!!! That is for Nigel and myself, doing a 6 inch cake.

just been asked if they could have more of the fondant ones, so just made the dough, popped in fridge to make tomorrow……….ghosts, bats and pumpkins here we come 😂

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