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Hi Angie,

I am incapacitated at the moment till I have the all clear to start doing things again, so to stop being bored and to partially get my baking fix, I am looking for recipes, good thing I love looking at different recipes and discovering new things to try.

Thinking forward to Christmas and all the cookies I need to bake, I am looking for a recipe for non spreading gingerbread cookies as I want to use moulds, so can’t have them loose their shape. I have a really good recipe that tastes divine, I am thinking if I leave out the baking powder will that work?

I have found a few recipes online but they are all American and though I am ok using cup measurements for dry or liquid ingredients I struggle a bit with the butter!!

Any suggestions?

Hi Jennie

That's great that you're looking for gingerbread recipes while recuperating. I wish you a speedy recovery. 😊

The gingerbread cookie recipe I use holds its shape, but I've never used it with moulds, just cutters.

If you already have a recipe in mind, that's great. As with anything, once you start to alter the recipe, you are then playing about with the balance of it. If you remove the baking powder, your gingerbreads may be slightly denser and not as light texture-wise as you want them to be. However, this may serve you well if you use them in the moulds and give you the texture/dough you need to shape them. So you'd have to experiment to see if omitting the baking powder gives you the overall taste/texture you are looking for.

As for the cup recipes, for the dry ingredients, you would be fine to use cups, but if you are using wet, I would opt for a jug with liquid measurements so that you know that you are using the correct/precise quantities. A cup of flour does not weigh the same as liquid, so keep that in mind when you're working through a recipe. I think with the butter, you can use the cups, or you can convert it. It isn't something I have ever done, so maybe worth a little research on that one. From a recipe point of view, you generally want to stick with one unit of measurement to keep the balance correct. Once you start interchanging, this is when problems can occur.

If you have a recipe that has worked for you in the past, then play about with that first and see if it gives you the texture you are looking for. If not, go back to the lady I mentioned a while ago, JuliaMUsher, as she does lots with Gingerbread on YouTube.

Hope this helps. 🧑‍🍳

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