1. D

    8 inch x 2 inch recipe needed please

    Hello! I am new here and needing a complete recipe from ingredients to directions for a Victorian sponge cake that would work for two 8”x2” deep cake pans. They are dark nonstick. I have never made this type of cake before so any tips or tricks would be great! Thank you for any help!!
  2. H

    Survey for gcse product

    I am designing a cake stand for my gcses and need feedback on a survey I have created. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 1) do you think cake stands could be more sustainable/ environmentally friendly? 2) do you think cake stands are affordable? 3) what colours suit a cake stand best ...
  3. Angie

    Tips on Making a Vertical Cake

    Here are some tips on how to make a vertical layer cake. Overall Results A vertical cake needs height, colour and plenty of flavour. For best results, line the pan and use a light, springy sponge recipe, such as a Swiss roll for the cake layers. Buttercream or cream cheese is a great filling...
  4. S

    6 x 3 Inch Madeira Cake convert to 4 inch

    Hi, I love your madeira cake recipe for the 6 x 3inch cake, I'm making a tiered cake for my daughter's birthday and was hoping to get advice on how to make a 4inch by 3inch madeira cake please.
  5. J

    cooking time and temperature for lakeland topsy-turvy cake tins

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and fairly new to baking! I bought myself the lakeland topsy-turvy cake tins (15 cm, 20cm and 25cm) and found a lakeland recipe (basic - flour/eggs/sugar/sr flour) on the net. It says cook at 180 for 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours respectively. I have a fan...
  6. M

    plain white 0.22mm O-grade thin edible wafer paper

    Hello, I am looking to buy plain white 0.22mm O-grade thin edible wafer paper that can be used for making edible flowers and decorations? Does anyone know where I can get them in the UK? Cheers Med
  7. G

    Anyone know what this is?

    I got three of these in a huge cake decorating lot that I purchased. The only thing they say is Wilton. I can’t for the life of me figure out what they are for!
  8. Angie

    Freezing Pastry Tips

    If you've ever thought about freezing pastry dough, here are a few tips you might like to keep in mind. Pastry Dough You can freeze both raw dough and blind-baked pastry dough. Raw pastry dough (wrapped in a disc shape when frozen) can be thawed in the fridge and then baked. This will be a...
  9. B

    Gluten free pastry

    Good morning everyone, hope you are all keeping well. Does anyone please have any experience and help they can give me with gluten free pastry, making, storing, freezing etc. Thank you
  10. Tintagel

    Non spread gingerbread cookies

    Hi Angie, I am incapacitated at the moment till I have the all clear to start doing things again, so to stop being bored and to partially get my baking fix, I am looking for recipes, good thing I love looking at different recipes and discovering new things to try. Thinking forward to Christmas...
  11. Angie

    Cinnamon Roll Storage Tips

    If you are making Cinnamon Rolls and want to extend their shelf life, here are a few things you can do to keep them fresher for longer. Store them in an air-tight container once cooled. Ensure each bun is wrapped in plastic/saran wrap, and then place them in an air-tight zip-lock bag. You can...
  12. A

    Question *UPDATE!!!*

    So, last year I made what is called a cinnamon butterscotch pie. It’s from a game called Undertale. Several recipes exist online for it, and I found one and tried it out last year with my dad. We have a Halloween party coming up, and mom suggested we make it again. Now, the first one we made...
  13. Angie

    Craquelin Hints and Tips

    If you want that little bit extra adding to the top of your choux buns, then why not add some Craquelin dough? Not only will it give you a crackling effect, but it will also give it some texture and crunch too. Done correctly, it helps the choux expand more evenly, giving you a more rounded...
  14. B

    Meringue mixes

    Good afternoon everyone, can anyone please give me some information on meringue mixes, ie which brand is best, do you need to add icing sugar. Some are called meringue mix some egg white powder. I want to use it as a topping on lemon meringue pie initially and possibly meringue nests. I’ve also...
  15. Angie

    Tips on making a Red Velvet Cake.

    Red velvet cake can be a bit of a conundrum for some people; effectively, it's a chocolate cake with a vanilla flavour that's bright red in colour and sometimes contains vinegar! So once you've got your head and taste buds around that one, it's good to know that it should be paired with some...
  16. R

    Was it the Dutch processed cocoa?

    Hi, this is my first post. Yesterday, I made brownies using Alton Brown's Cocoa Brownie recipe, which I always go by. I used Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder instead of regular because it was what I had. I used it to make brownies before and they were good if not a little fudgier. I didn't...
  17. S

    Baking with Caramel

    So I made a nice salted caramel sauce which I used to make cupcakes. I made a vanilla cake mix and I wanted to do a marble effect with the caramel however when they finished baking, the caramel sunk to the bottom making the bottom of the cupcake all mushy. Although still tasted good, it was...
  18. B

    Sweet pastry

    Hi Angie, please can you give me some hints and tips for pre cooking sweet pastry, or point me to a thread on here. I very often need to pre - bake a sweet pastry case for e.g Bakewell tar. All recipes for bakewell filling say bake at 180, gas 4 my pre- cooked case then burns even if I cover...
  19. L

    Buttercream or Swiss meringue buttercream and stacking

    Advice please. I'm making a cake for a wedding celebration for my daughter and it's going to be 4 layers of 8" vanilla sponge. In fact, cakes are made and in the freezer. When it comes to the icing, I'm completely conflicted about what kind of butter cream icing to use. I've read so many blogs...
  20. V

    Help with swiss meringue kisses please

    Hi! Could anyone please tell me why my meringue kisses turned all bumpy onve baked? I had made swiss meringue and its looked super glossy amd smooth when going in and mostly through the baking process. In tge end though they turned all bumpy and rough looking.. Baked at 100C for 1h20mins(until i...