1. E

    Help with Birthday Cake Madeira Recipe, please

    Hi, my daughter has requested a 3d shaped cat birthday cake that has either chocolate chips or Oreos in it. I normally use this vanilla recipe baked in a 7" diameter and 3" deep tin and baked at 140C for 1h 40 mins. It always turns out well. 200g self raising flour 200g caster sugar 200g...
  2. Angie

    Malt Loaf Tips

    If you are inspired to make this old school staple, then be sure to read the below advice and tips to ensure you get the best possible bake! Advice & Tips when making a Malt Loaf Ensure that you mix the ingredients properly and there are no flour pockets; if you don't, you will have white...
  3. Angie

    What is a crumb coat or dirty icing?

    Have you ever heard the term crumb coat or dirty icing and wondered what earth somebody was going on about. Well, not to worry, I have you covered. And literally, that's all it is. What is a crumb coat? A crumb coat, or 'dirty icing' as it's also known, is the first thin layer of...
  4. Janey

    Brown sugar in chocolate cake

    Hi, making this chocolate cake again but only have light brown sugar, can i use this instead of normal granulated sugar? will it be the same amount? Will it affect the cake in any way with it being brown sugar. Thank...
  5. clerahi

    Advice on Batter

    Hi Angie, Based on the cakes I've made so far and the rainbow cake trials, it seems baking on the middle shelf of our oven gives the best results. For a layer cake, this means baking in 2 or 3 batches depending on how many layers there are. I'm fine with this, however it raises the question...
  6. clerahi

    Help with Cake No. 2

    Hi Angie, keeping you on your toes! With the rainbow cake spec sorted... before our granddaughters birthday is our sons, which is an opportunity to practice a finished cake. We'd like to do something like this and buy a topper in the design of his favourite football team. Can you give any...
  7. V

    Icing Gun, Sugarcraft Gun, Equipment Help

    Hi, Am looking to buy a Icing Gun for a friend for her Birthday, she really enjoys baking and is thinking of starting her own baking business. I want to know is it worth buying a Icing Gun and which one would you recommend.? I don't know anyone that uses icing gun. Thank you
  8. clerahi

    Help with Unicorn Rainbow Cake

    So the birthday cake specification is in... Our granddaughter's answer was chocolate, rainbow, rainbow on top, unicorn on top, maltesers on top. I think the first rainbow means inside, I've seen those and thought that's a step too far. Our son added that she doesn't like fondant, which rules...
  9. clerahi

    Flour question...

    Is this flour really better and does it still need sifting?
  10. clerahi

    Question on which attachment to use when?

    As I'm serious about learning to bake, I've invested in a Kenwood Chef. It came with three attachments, a whisk, a K beater and a dough hook I've made two cakes using the Chef, a Victoria Sponge and a trial Chocolate Cake. The recipe for the Victoria Sponge said use the whisk attachment...
  11. clerahi

    What went wrong here..? Christmas Yule Log

    This photo was my attempt at making a Christmas Yule Log last Christmas 🤣😕🤣🤔. Such a disaster that it put me off trying any baking again for a while. Any thoughts about what went wrong (or should I say what I did wrong)?
  12. D

    Chocolate Madeira

    Hi all, First post here and looking for help. I usually bake a tried and tested madeira cake for birthday/celebration cakes but have a requirement to do a chocolate birthday cake but still need to decorate in fondant etc. Can I change my usual recipe to a chocolate madeira? Perhaps add cocoa...
  13. Angie

    A recipe for disaster.

    If you wish to avoid a recipe for disaster and want to maintain excellent standards in the kitchen, then be sure to run through this quick list of tips to avoid problems and ensure that you bake safe. Coughs and Sneezes If you have any general feelings of being unwell, then you should steer...
  14. L

    why does my almond sponge not rise very much?

    Hello, I am trying to make a decent almond cake for a Victoria sandwich with strawberries and orange butter cream. I am having trouble getting the sponge to rise well. I know this can be an issue when adding ground almonds to the mix. This is what I have come up with, 300 grams unsalted...
  15. FB Questions

    Strawberry Cake Help

    So I tried a new strawberry cake recipe and I’m not happy with it at all. It was a little different than the usual methods I’ve used but I’m certain I followed the instructions well. The cake came out very dense. I’m not sure if I overmixed the batter or if it’s something to do with the...
  16. Angie

    Why do we use salt in baking?

    Why do we use Salt in baking? Even though I'm not a great lover of salt, it is an essential factor in baking and assists in the creation of wonderfully baked goods both visibly and tastefully. (If that's even a word)! You may only be asked to add a dash or a sprinkle of it to a recipe but...
  17. Angie

    Help and advice covering a chocolate oatmeal cake with fondant?

    Hi Amanda, your cake sounds delicious, but I don't think it is the right cake to use with fondant. The cake you describe lends itself to a ganache coating or simply filled/topped with the ingredients you describe which sounds rich and indulgent all by itself. Plus I'm not sure the structure of...
  18. J


    Hello, can anyone give some advice on making pink, (or any pastel colour) buttercream? As the butter is so yellow, the buttercream I make is almost a toffee colour when adding the red food colouring. I have tried both gel and liquid colouring both with the same result. Is there a trick I have...
  19. C

    Did I forget a Key step???

    Hello, I'm attempting to make peanut butter fudge for a work cookie/candy exchange. The recipe says to melt butter then add brown sugar and milk, bring to a boil for two min then remove from heat and add peanut butter, etc. Well, minor detail - I forgot to add the milk before I had it...
  20. K

    Cake base

    Hi, I inherited a 45 pound bag of German Chocolate cake base. What do I do with it? I also got cinnamon roll and spice cake. I'm at a loss. I'm not a baker. Any recipes would be appreciated!!! Please help! Thanks, Kelley