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Good afternoon everyone, can anyone please give me some information on meringue mixes, ie which brand is best, do you need to add icing sugar. Some are called meringue mix some egg white powder. I want to use it as a topping on lemon meringue pie initially and possibly meringue nests. I’ve also read use egg white powder with butter for lovely buttercream. Thank you.
Hi Liz - @Breadlady

It isn't something I use, but I know that some of them need water, and some add sugar and flavours, etc., so it all depends on the brand you go for.

If you are looking at using them, I would probably stick with reputable brands such as Squires Kitchen, Wilton, Culpitt, Ingram Bros etc. Ingram Bros do the Meri White and Royal Icing mix which comes in much bigger tubs than the others so you may get more for your money with that one.

Squires do a few different flavours too.

Ingram Bros Meri White Info.JPG

As for the egg white powder and butter, I'm assuming that would be a version of Swiss Meringue Buttercream, which is much lighter than regular buttercream and isn't as sickly sweet. It would be an easier version as you wouldn't have to bake the egg whites first.

I hope this helps. 😊

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