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Good morning everyone, hope you are all keeping well. Does anyone please have any experience and help they can give me with gluten free pastry, making, storing, freezing etc. Thank you
Hi Liz

Lovely to hear from you. Gluten-Free Pastry is not something I make due to the fact I haven't needed to, and I know you can sometimes incur problems with it due to it being wheat free and the impact it can have on the elasticity and overall texture of the dough.

However, I've just had a look online for you to see if I can find any rave reviews. I found some that were, as I thought, dry and tough, but I did find this site. She seems to do a lot of GF Baking, so it might be worth having a look at for you.

Hopefully, this may help you out, or you may be able to ask her for some tips on it.
Hi Angie, yes I’ve looked on line and got lots of info. I’ve managed to make shortcrust pastry ok but sometimes have more made than I need. What I really want to know is which is best - freeze raw pastry or freeze after blind baking. I make quiche cases.
In all honesty, I'd probably freeze the raw dough. But what you could do is make a small test base/tart case, blind bake it and then freeze it. That way, you're not wasting a large amount of dough, but you can see how this fairs against the remainder of your frozen raw dough when you thaw/bake it. You'll then be able to taste-test both and see which one works in your favour. If that makes sense. 😊 For freshness, flavour etc.
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