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Ahh Johnny 5 what a robot, I must admit we have got back into the habit of going to the cinema. Previous to the last few years it must have been about at least 10 years since we had been. I think it's easier now because Han's older so I get to see movies with her now.

Psycho is a classic film and I do love Tom Cruise films, I think I've seen The Firm but can't quite remember for sure.

We watched Spectre last night on Sky, I was little underwhelmed with this one, it was good but not great. I do like Bond films and the last one had me on edge but this one not so much.

Sounds as if you're winning with the organising of photos. :)

Yeah I'm getting there, there are a lot of photo's that I have taken each time I have made or used something so I can use them on the site in the future for tutorials and reviews etc. I also came across some old vids of Han when she was about 4 it was lovely to see her back then. Han was laughing her head off when she watched them, she's as much of a character now as she was then. :D
Well we're in full swing of the summer hols now, Han and I have been getting very creative over the last few days so guess what I've took even more pictures lol. :p
I've pulled them off my phone but not gone through them all yet, I have taken the pics and amended them as required but there are still a few I need to sort out. there are probably a few that need deleting too.

Are you all sorted with your router now?
Not the best of days, John has had a bad foot for just over a week and last Wednesday the doctor gave him a course of antibiotics and said to see the nurse after the course was finished.

I phoned the doctor for him today telling them it was no better he couldn't walk it was still swollen and discoloured and he needs the nurse out.

The doctor came out at 1.30pm and told him he would need intrusiveness antibiotics as the oral wasn't working and he wanted him in hospital for a couple of days. Well he told him that was a no no because I couldn't manage without him, he's my carer. The doctor said ok he'll sort out transport so the hospital could check it out and the treatment could be done at home.

OK the first ambulance that came was the wrong one, it was the emergency one so they did some checks of him spoke to the doctor, they wanted to know why he was being sent to the hospital in the next county when we where in our own county catchment area. :eyeroll: Ater sorting that out, he still had to go to the next county, the ambulance said they'd booked the other transport and it shouldn't be long. :doh:
A while later a phone call came apologising for them not being there yet, asked a few questions again and said they were going to sort it out.

The ambulance pulled away at 7pm with John onboard, poor man he's had nothing to eat since breakfast so hasn't been able to take his medication properly and I'm not sure when I'll see him again. :what:

Oh well makes for a quiet night. :roflmao:
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Oh Joan I do hope he's alright, do you actually know where he is or have they just ran away with him. :p So now he's gone who's going to look after you?

So did you manage to have the remote all to yourself then? I do hope he's ok and they have now finally fed him, there's nothing worse than taking pills on an empty stomach. Keep us updated and no getting into any mischief while he's not there. :D

@Bill Hello you, I know you wouldn't have forgotten about us you're just a busy bee. :D
Hi Angie, just trying to calm myself got a headache and was feeling very stressed. :(

I heard from him about 10pm and he was still waiting for the medical staff to see him, didn't hear anything again till just before noon today. They wanted to keep him in for a couple of weeks something to do with, ECG, the signal at the hospital is crap so you don't get half of it, anyway that was a no no, the blisters on his foot burst while he was in there they x-rayed his foot and there is no more infection (ok I'm back someone came to the door)

They couldn't provide transport to get him home, he didn't have any money on him, well he had a small amount but he probably had to use that to get a drink or something. Couldn't get hold of Kelly's lot, when I did they couldn't help and Peter said to phone his Dad he'd go and pick him up. Their phone was engaged for over ½ an hour and when I did get it ringing apparently Peter had managed to get hold of his Dad and his Mum and Dad were going to go and pick him up.

It's a question of sitting here waiting now for him to arrive, oh and the doctor who sent him there came round about 1pm to pick his glasses up that he'd left behind yesterday and he thought it was ridiculous to hear that the hospital couldn't arrange transport to bring him back.

Ok caught up for now, probably more to come when I see him again. :doh:

Hi Bill, talk soon. :)
Thanks Bill, he got back middle of the afternoon Tuesday, they'd arranged the Triage nurses to come out to do the introvenus injections. So they come out, 12 midnight, 6am, 12 noon, 6pm for 7 days. They say because he's diabetic it takes longer to heal so that's why they've got to keep an eye on him. He'd had his foot dressed on the Tuesday while in hospital so they dressed it again today and they will do it everyday.
It was fun today at the 6pm session, it just wouldn't work every time they tried it just started to drip down then alarmed and went back up, in the end they put another line in and it worked without fault so obviously a faulty line. Just hope it doesn't happen again at the midnight one, he's suffering from lack of sleep and I'm not doing much better.
Never mind we'll get there. :wink:
Life is like buses nothing happens and then it all happens at once. We do wish John a speedy recovery and hope his foot gets better. I cannot believe the faff you had to go through, it's seemingly ridiculous that no one could pick him up! :eyeroll:

At least he is back home now although you have numerous visitors but I'm sure John feels much better in his normal surroundings rather than some hospital bed. I do hope his foot heals quickly and you manage to get some reprieve at some point.

It was a shame you had to struggle a little but you got there in the end. I don't think anything to do with health is ever straight forward but further down the line you can actual laugh about all the nonsense that goes on. You couldn't make half this stuff up but it becomes a bonkers memory over time and something to laugh about although not quite yet.

Hopefully 'Many Happy returns' have been bestowed upon you today so that should shift the focus from all the nurse duties.
Well phoned the surgery this morning to book the doctor to come out and do the review for John's treatment. After lunch along came a nurse practitioner, told her we were waiting for the doctor, oh he doesn't come out that's what I'm here for. :eyeroll:

She re-dressed his foot and told him he would be on oral antibiotics from tomorrow and the health visitor would be coming out each day to dress his foot until they thought it was OK. Triage nurses turned up about 5.15pm to give him his last intravenous antibiotics and take the machine and all the equipment away. They took his cannula out after and stuck a piece of gauze over the wound.

We are so looking forward to trying to get back into a proper sleep pattern again and not having to wake up a couple of hours after a treatment in the early hours to start again. :eyeroll:
Aww bless, how's the patient doing is he on the mend yet? How's the sleeping?
He's doing OK, wound is healing well and he can walk better, still only wearing his crocs to walk about he still has to try to get a shoe on to be able to drive but he's getting there and he's hoping another couple of days and he can drive again. Sleep is getting a bit better but not really back to normal yet.

I know I don't want another day like today, it's taken me on and off all day trying to sort out Office on Johns machines, took no end of tries before I finally got them all sorted out and working again. :eyeroll:

See you all tomorrow just going to have a quick check over at Facebook then time to shut down for the night. :wink:
What a busy day. The nurse came to redress John's foot then about 10 minutes after she went the podiatrist turned up. All the dressing came back off and she managed to get some more dead skin off and finally found the hole that was causing the wound to still leak. She packed it redressed it wrote up notes for the nurses next visit and wants her to take a swab so they can find out what is inside, not sure yet whether he'll have to go to the hospital to a weekly clinic for diabetic foot problems, it depends whether it will now start to heal.

Then late morning the electrician turns up to do the check on the electrics the landlord wanted doing, this is the first time it's been done the other landlord never had it done and it's supposed to be done about every 5 years, the place was rewired about 20 years ago.

The electrician is the cousin of Kelly's husband, he suggested we have a main wired smoke alarm system put in, at the moment we just have a battery operated one in the hall, he said we need a heat one in the kitchen and a couple of smoke ones in the hall plus a carbon alarm.

The landlord came round later and said no problems if it needs doing he'll have it done, he's arranging for someone to come and service the boiler as that's due and while he was here he looked at the guttering and said he'd send someone round to clean and clear it out, there's a few weeds growing out of it.

If anything needs doing just phone whoever is needed and it'll get done no problems, they all know they'll get paid if they come and do anything. I like this landlord. :D
Yes Bill it is, makes me feel happier, this is only the 3rd time we've seen him since he bought the place, he's lovely and very easy to talk to. :D
Sounds like you have a lovely landlord who wants to keep his tenants happy and gets the job done. I didn't know you needed heat smoke alarms in the kitchen. I always thought they were a bad idea in the kitchen as everyone used to set them off when they are cooking. :p

Hopefully John's foot will start to heal properly now.

Just dropped Han off, she's out on a day trip to the beach with Guides today, I heard the other day it was supposed to be thunderstorms today but it's glorious sunshine. I'm so glad because they'll have a lovely day especially if the weather stays this good.


Oh and it's our 15 year Anniversary today too!
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