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How to make a Homemade Mixed Fruit Smoothie Tutorial (1 Viewer)

A tutorial on how to make mixed berry smoothies.

Smoothies (18).jpg

Natural 0% Fat Yoghurt - (Yogurt for the US)
Frozen Mixed Fruit
Frozen Cherries
100ml Milk - Optional
½ - 1 Tablespoon Honey


You will need a smoothie maker or blender; I make mine using a Nutri Ninja.

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HMB Nutri Ninja.jpg

WARNING - MAKE SURE if you are using a blender to be extremely CAREFUL with the blades and ensure that if you are blending frozen fruit or ice your blender or smoothie maker can actually chop it up. I made this mistake with my smoothie to go maker, and I obliterated the motor because it couldn't chop frozen fruit! So please check before making.


1. Remove your blend cup from its slot, leaving just the base.

Help Me Bake Nutri Ninja.jpg

2. Place around 200ml yoghurt into your Nutri Ninja Cup.

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3. Add around 200ml of frozen berries. I added the mixed fruit and then additional frozen cherries.

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4. Add around 100ml of milk to thin the mixture down. This may vary as depending on how thick you like your smoothie will depend on how much milk you add.

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5. Squeeze a tablespoon of honey to your mixture.

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6. Now you can seal the lid.

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6. Slot the cup into your machine, the fruit will then drop down near to the blades, press the pulse button a couple of times to allow the fruit to drop down and blend. Then select the blend or ultra blend option on your nutri ninja. Let it blend for approximately 45 - 60 seconds. For other blenders, select a continuous blend option so that your mixture fully combines.

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7. Once blended, remove the blade lid pour into a glass and drink straight away, alternatively remove the blade lid and place a sipper lid on your cup and store in the fridge, so it's ready to go when you are.

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Tip: Using frozen fruit helps keep the smoothie ice cold, if you are using room temperature or chilled fruit then you may wish to add a little ice or place your smoothie in the fridge for about ten minutes before drinking so the temperature drops, and it becomes cold.
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