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Homemade hot chocolate bombs. (1 Viewer)

Hi, I have started to have a go at making hot chocolate bombs.

first I melted some dark, white and milk chocolate in the microwave and then coated the inside of the moulds, as I have only one mould i had to do each type of chocolate at a time.

i let the chocolate harden in the fridge then when set carefully unmourned them, I heated a very small frying pan and carefully held the cho mould on the pan to smooth the edges, and put them back in the fridge till I had completed all of them.

I then filled the moulds with drinking chocolate, blanc for the white bombs and milk for the others. I also added marshmallows.


using the heated pan again I held the top mould on the pan just enough to melt the edges so that when I put the two together they would seal.

I then placed them all back in the fridge overnight ready to decorated the next day.

DDA113DD-9AF4-4FAE-A34C-32E856BAF3DF.jpegD83B6591-097B-4CAD-8164-A23E5BF2A732.jpegE77072C7-A834-43F3-8C76-C29666E8485A.jpeg 60B05FEA-BD5C-44A3-9D01-6E8F63D7DFD6.jpeg

this is what the drink looked like and tasted yummy 😋

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Aww, Jennie they look lovely. I'm so glad you're getting into the festive spirit. 🎄 I love the decorations. What's the gingerbread made out of? Is it icing/fondant? If so, I'm not sure if that will melt very well in a drink. I've also been looking at making chocolate stirrers at the minute. Anything hot chocolate related always goes down a treat with people. So I bet your friends are loving these.

As for the frying pan and the heating, you can warm a plate in the microwave instead if you like. The last time I made mine, I heated a small round sandwich plate in the microwave and then melted/sharpened the edges of the bomb/chocolate sphere before I stuck them together.

You can see the sphere on the below thread.

When I did mine, I only straightened/sharpened the edges once when I was sticking them together.

Different coloured sprinkles would also be a good decoration too as they look good and will melt once they come into contact with hot milk etc.

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