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Spreadable butter v spreadable margarine (1 Viewer)


is It ok to use spreadable butter from a tub instead of Stork margarine in a tub for Victoria sponge or cherry loaf cake. is the butter much more softer and will it need the dry ingredients adjusted? Thank you
Hi Breadlady

Yes, just ensure that the butter you use to bake with is unsalted and not salted. That way, you get to control the overall taste of the bake. You would use the exact amounts as you would for the margarine and interchange them like for like. Just make sure you use a good quality spreadable to ensure you get good results. The better the quality of the ingredient, the better the bake.

Your Cherry Loaf will be dense like the Madeira, and I use Flora Buttery when I make that, so you should be fine. It's always good to make test cakes, though, just to see how your overall cakes turn out. You might find that the overall bake differs slightly from your original ones, but that can be either good or bad, depending on your preferences. Just remember, any time you swap anything out, you may change the texture, taste or even colour, so it's always good to do a test cake just to see how they fare.
Thanks Angie, it’s just I don’t have a car at the moment to go and get anything different. Planning to use Lurpak instead of Stork and to add insult just had a thunderstorm which knocked out the electric. Thankfully that’s now back on. I will remember Flora though.
Aww, bless you. I do hope you get sorted out with the car very soon.

Lurpak would be good a good substitute, I use the block butter version when making my buttercream, and it always gives me great results, so hopefully, if the electricity stays on you can start getting creative. 👩‍🍳

I use Flora Buttery in many of my cakes. I used to use normal Flora, but the batter was always very runny, so I switched over to Buttery, and the batter turned out much thicker and easier to handle.

Anyway, good luck with it all and have a lovely day. 😊
Electric is now on after 3 hiccups so hopefully can get some baking done. I am currently making 4 quiche cases, 6 small cases for Bakewell tarts and 2 sponges for fresh cream and jam filling xx

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