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Novelty Lamb Egg Workshop - BSG (1 Viewer)

So here we are back at our April BSG Meeting, and it didn't disappoint! This month we let our creativity do the talking and recreated this lovely Easter Lamb that Judith had prepared for us and demonstrated how to do.

Novelty Creme Egg Easter Lamb (1) (Medium).jpg

Not only is she cute, but she's made using a creme egg, so she was doubly keeping with the Easter theme.

Firstly I was a tad worried because I didn't bring an egg with me, but Sheila, who I sat with, gave me her spare. I didn't actually need it, though, in the end, as Judith had plenty to go around.

We had so much fun doing the different stages of this, and even though we didn't all get to finish them, I think you'll agree we've all put our individual spin on them.

It was such a fun and informative workshop, and I'd like to thank Judith and the other ladies for putting it all together.

Novelty Creme Egg Easter Lamb (4) (Medium).jpg
(These were all the lambs the ladies made on the workshop).

I know I didn't get time to fully finish her, but I absolutely adore Lily the Lamb, yes, I think that's what I'll name her.

Novelty Creme Egg Easter Lamb (3) (Medium).jpg

And no, I still haven't eaten her, she's too cute!

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She is definitely cute and I'm not surprised you can't eat her, Lily the lamb suits her. 😂
Lol! 🤣 Not all of them, they were what the rest of the ladies made.

I made the one in the last picture although, it is in with all the others in the photo.

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