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Easy Easter Egg Nests Recipe and Guide (1 Viewer)

If you are looking for a quick and easy project with the little ones this Easter, then why not have a go at making these quick and easy easter egg nests. You only need three ingredients, an excellent stirring motion and help to decorate.

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The nests help give the little ones a chance to do some mixing and even helps with their counting skills too.

To make the nests, you will need the following ingredients and equipment. I only wanted to make a small number of cakes, and this recipe will make five lovely sized nests.


  • 150 grams Milk Chocolate
  • 50 grams Cornflakes
  • 15 Mini Eggs


  • Cupcake Tin
  • Cupcake Cases
  • Spatula
  • Microwaveable bowl
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Small Spoons for Scooping


1 Put five cupcake cases in your cupcake tin, ready for the mixture. (Place to one side).

2 Weigh out your Cornflakes and pour them into the mixing bowl.

3 Weigh your chocolate, then break it into pieces and place it in a microwaveable bowl.

4 Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30-second intervals and stir each time. Repeat the process until fully melted.

5 Once melted, pour the chocolate over the Cornflakes and stir with a spatula until they are fully covered.

6 Once covered, scoop the mixture into cupcake cases, make a well/dip in the centre of the mixture.

7 Place three different coloured eggs into the well/dip.

8 Place your cupcake tin in the fridge and allow the nests to set properly.

Easy Easter Egg Nests by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

The old-school way of making these when I was a child was to melt some chocolate first and then just pour the Cornflakes in the bowl in stages. There was no weighing involved. This would allow you to coat the Cornflakes in stages and work out by eye how much ingredients you actually needed.

Either way, enjoy the process and no fighting over who gets to lick the bowl and spoons afterwards! 😁

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