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Mr Potato Head Creme Egg by Judith - BSG (1 Viewer)

It was demo time at this month's BSG meeting, and I was thrilled to discover that this time, Judith had landed on making Mr Potato Head. Not only is he made from delectable chocolatey goodness, but he's immensely cute, too, so much so I couldn't even begin to devour him after we made him.

This was Judith's version of Mr Potato Head, and after a step-by-step demo, we were tasked to make our own.

Judith Mr Potato Head - BSG Wshop (Medium).jpg

It was a very fun meeting, catching up with the ladies and learning a few new skills! Especially the shoe laces, I opted for velcro straps in the demo (lol) but pushed myself a little and ended up with some shoe laces in the end. Unlike Hannah, who made her own laces with bows but then went rogue and made an alien topper, and then Nicola, who had properly crossed laces! Yes, I did have lace envy. :)

Angela and Han Mr Potato Head and Alien Toppers (Medium).jpg

I thoroughly enjoyed this demo, as Mr Potato Head has been on my bucket list since I made the Gruffalo.

These are all the variations of Mr Potato Head that the ladies made.

Mr Potato Head Creme Eggs (Medium).jpg

If you are interested in cake decorating and would like to find your own local branch meetings. Then please use the link below.

They're great fun and a good way to learn new skills or just to get out and about for a bit.

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