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Smashable Hearts with Mini Hammer Guide (1 Viewer)

Yes! I've seen these beauties doing the rounds recently, so I thought I'd have a bash at making them (excuse the pun 😁).

These geometric smashable hearts are hollow inside, which allows you to fill them with whatever you require. Rolos are a firm favourite, along with small candy sweets or perhaps an edible ring. Other options are to place messages underneath them, similar to that found in a fortune cookie.

Smashable Hearts by Help Me Bake (1) (Medium).jpg

How do I make Geometric Smashable Hearts?

To make the hearts, you will need the following:
If you prefer, you may choose ready coloured Candy Buttons or sprinkles of your choice.

Note: If you would like a shiny finish on your hearts then wipe the mould with a light coating of vodka before filling. This will clear any impurities from the mould and give you a shiny heart.

(It goes without saying but please ensure you have pre-washed and dried the mould before using).

Smashable Heart Mould by Help Me Bake Medium.jpg

Smashable Geometric Heart Mould by Help Me Bake Medium.jpg


1. Melt the Candy Buttons in a microwavable container in 30-second bursts until melted.

2. Remove from the microwave, stir with a small spoon, then scoop around 1 and a half teaspoons of the melted buttons into the mould.

3. You can either use the back of the small spoon to push the chocolate around the mould or rotate it with your hands until the mixture has slid into all parts of the mould's heart shape.

4. Once a full layer has covered the mould, place in the fridge for about ten minutes until set.

5. Repeat the process if you require an additional/thicker layer.

6. To make the PME Candy buttons thinner for drizzling, add around a ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil or shortening of your choice and melt in the microwave along with some Candy buttons; this will make them into a thinner consistency and enable you to drizzle.

Once drizzled over the corner of your hearts, you can then add sprinkles or decorations of your choice.

Smashable Hearts Drizzle (Medium).jpg

Smashable Hearts

Once dry, I then sat them in a 6 piece cupcake box filled with tissue paper.

To decorate, I then added a mini hammer with an edible ring, mini candy melt bars, and pink & white marshmallows for additional decoration.

Smashable Hearts by Help Me Bake (4) (Medium).jpg

Please note that the marshmallows go hard, so if you use them, place them in the box just before giving them to the recipient to stay soft.

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