1. K

    Very new hobby baker baking for newly met bonus child’s birthday! HELP!

    Hello! I make a few cakes a year for my kids and typically do quite adventurous cakes that turn out pretty well, thankfully! I am in desperate need of guidance for my next bake. I learn from my mistakes each cake and keep them in mind for the next, but this is a cake I really need to turn out! I...
  2. A

    Victoria Sponge Disasters

    Hi Angie, I seem unable to produce a decent Victoria Sponge. I weight my ingredients, including the eggs. All the ingredients are at room temperature. but the do not seem to rise as much as they should. I use soft unsalted butter in the 'All In One' recipe by Mary Berry; using Self-Raising Flour...
  3. D

    8 inch x 2 inch recipe needed please

    Hello! I am new here and needing a complete recipe from ingredients to directions for a Victorian sponge cake that would work for two 8”x2” deep cake pans. They are dark nonstick. I have never made this type of cake before so any tips or tricks would be great! Thank you for any help!!
  4. Angie

    5 Sweet Ideas for a Memorable Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day! Well not quite yet but... Love is in the air once again; our creative juices are flowing, and we want to impart love and affection on our nearest and dearest. So, to kickstart the celebrations, here are a few delightful ideas to help add a sprinkle of love on this...
  5. R

    8x3 inch cake

    Hi can anyone help. I’ve got an 8x3 inch cake tin and want to make a sponge with the height but not sure how much of each ingredient to use. I used the 7x3 inch cake recipe in my 6inch tin and that worked perfectly but I’m now stuck trying to do a conversion for the larger tin. Thanks
  6. FB Questions

    Oatmeal lace cookies help

    What kind of oats are used in oatmeal lace cookies? Quick or old-fashioned? How long can they be stored? Thanks, Pamela!
  7. S

    Help with recipe conversion

    Hi again, I have a new dilemma 😅I'm going to help my friend make a minecraft gf lemon cake. I've found this recipe but need to convert it to a 8inch x 3inch deep square cake. Maths is not one of my strengths... could you help me please regarding quantities, bake temp and time?
  8. S

    6 x 3 Inch Madeira Cake convert to 4 inch

    Hi, I love your madeira cake recipe for the 6 x 3inch cake, I'm making a tiered cake for my daughter's birthday and was hoping to get advice on how to make a 4inch by 3inch madeira cake please.
  9. J

    cooking time and temperature for lakeland topsy-turvy cake tins

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and fairly new to baking! I bought myself the lakeland topsy-turvy cake tins (15 cm, 20cm and 25cm) and found a lakeland recipe (basic - flour/eggs/sugar/sr flour) on the net. It says cook at 180 for 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours respectively. I have a fan...
  10. M

    plain white 0.22mm O-grade thin edible wafer paper

    Hello, I am looking to buy plain white 0.22mm O-grade thin edible wafer paper that can be used for making edible flowers and decorations? Does anyone know where I can get them in the UK? Cheers Med
  11. B

    Gluten free pastry

    Good morning everyone, hope you are all keeping well. Does anyone please have any experience and help they can give me with gluten free pastry, making, storing, freezing etc. Thank you
  12. Angie

    Tres Leches - Three Milk Cake Tips

    Three milk cake, or Tres Leches as it is also known, is a beautifully moist cake covered in three types of milk. The cake originally inspired by Mexico is both bold and delicious. In order to make the cake so delicious, three types of milk are traditionally used to soak the sponge. These are...
  13. S

    Baking with Caramel

    So I made a nice salted caramel sauce which I used to make cupcakes. I made a vanilla cake mix and I wanted to do a marble effect with the caramel however when they finished baking, the caramel sunk to the bottom making the bottom of the cupcake all mushy. Although still tasted good, it was...
  14. K

    Need some help to choose bakery products

    Hi all, I plan to open a small bakery shop with fresh products. I have previous business experience but not in the food nor in the retail sector. If the market will validate the concept, I plan to open more of them, hopefully a chain of bakeries in the near future. For this I need a list of...
  15. kjobird

    Need opinion on cupcake design idea

    So, i am entering a cupcake competition at my church on thursday and i am concerned my design plan may not work, not in sense of style, but in sense of structure so I am hoping to get an opinion so i can decide whether to go with my original design idea or if i should go with a plan B. The...
  16. V

    Modelling paste

    Hi, back with another question, sorry 🙈 Im making a cake this Friday, and im planning to use decorations made from Renshaw modelling /flower paste. Its a white picket fence that i need to insert on top of the cake. Question is will it hold once inserted? Its been madw a while now so very dry...
  17. B

    Sweet pastry

    Hi Angie, please can you give me some hints and tips for pre cooking sweet pastry, or point me to a thread on here. I very often need to pre - bake a sweet pastry case for e.g Bakewell tar. All recipes for bakewell filling say bake at 180, gas 4 my pre- cooked case then burns even if I cover...
  18. L

    Buttercream or Swiss meringue buttercream and stacking

    Advice please. I'm making a cake for a wedding celebration for my daughter and it's going to be 4 layers of 8" vanilla sponge. In fact, cakes are made and in the freezer. When it comes to the icing, I'm completely conflicted about what kind of butter cream icing to use. I've read so many blogs...
  19. V

    Help with swiss meringue kisses please

    Hi! Could anyone please tell me why my meringue kisses turned all bumpy onve baked? I had made swiss meringue and its looked super glossy amd smooth when going in and mostly through the baking process. In tge end though they turned all bumpy and rough looking.. Baked at 100C for 1h20mins(until i...
  20. P

    Popovers don’t rise!

    We’ve been making popovers for 40+ yrs & have never had a problem, but for the last few yrs (since moving to a humid area in TN) they don’t rise. I even had someone test the temp of my oven & it is ok. My sister, 1 mile away, has the same prob. She has a new stove, mine is 15 yrs old, both...