1. B

    Urgent help with trifles

    Hi Angie , I’m making individual trifles, didn have any custard powder so opened a tin of custard. Its so runny it won’t support piped cream on top of it. Options available- warm it and add some cornflour to thicken it or will whipped double cream mixed with it thicken it. Help please
  2. Janey

    Add Buttermilk to Victoria Sponge?

    Hiya, Me again, been asked to make a 60th birthday cake, was wondering can I add buttermilk to a Victoria sponge cake recipe? Want it to be moist, I'm doing the 6x3 inch recipe, if you could let me know how much I would need to add? Thank you xx
  3. B

    Fruit cake recipe

    Hello , I’m doing some baking for a friend who runs an retail outlet. Can anyone please help with a recipe for a fruit cake using a liner in a 2lb loaf tin. Please can I ask for tried and tested recipes only, I want the cake to be “light & soft” if you know what I mean. Thanks
  4. J

    Wanting Quiche for dinner, can anyone help please?

    I( set out to bake a quiche. My first issue is that I only have a pyrex pie plate. Do I need to do anything different than in a tin or other pie plate? Next, I forgot the heavy cream or even half n half, what do I do now? I dont know if I should just give up or can I make this work somehow?
  5. Janey

    Coconut Cake Help

    Hi Angie, can I ask for a little help please 😁 want to make a moist coconut cake 6x3 inch deep, not very good with measurements, what ingredients would you recommend?do i use coconut milk? Thank you Jane x
  6. Tintagel

    Candy melts

    Hi, Can anyone help please? I use candy melts to make my own chocolate covered sweets and filled chocolates, but I find that when melted it is rather thick. How do I make it thinner, to coat without a) changing the taste b) loosing the ”crack” when you bit into it. I would like to be able to...
  7. B

    Chocolate Icing

    hello everyone, I want to make chocolate cupcakes with the type of icing you get on the bought ones, quite a hardish top and softer underneath. Can anyone help how I achieve this please.
  8. S

    Crumb coat help please!

    Last year I made a royal icing drip birthday cake with 7 layers of rainbow cake inside for my dad's 60th. Everybody loved it but the only judgement was the crumb coat. My parents aren't fond of buttercream and mum keeps talking about how you can use jam instead of buttercream as a crumb coat...
  9. Tintagel

    Cake mix dilemma

    I have been given a bag of red velvet cake mix. I would like to halve it as it is too much for one cake. Can I just weigh out halve the mix and halve the other ingredients you need to add I.e. oil etc..
  10. M

    Cake with no eggs but must incorporate milk:/

    Hi All, I have spent the past 9 years perfecting all of my baking to accommodate my son’s severe food allergies. He recently passed a baked milk challenge and I am to bake cakes with at least 1 cup of milk in it. Unfortunately I cannot use eggs because he is allergic to them. I have spent the...
  11. G

    Victoria Sandwich.

    My friend and I both use same recipe for Vic. Sandwich. 8oz Marge,castor sugar, SR flour and 4 eggs, in 8" tins. Hers is light and fluffy, mine is more cake than sponge.
  12. E


    Hi! I saw this Sourdough Cardamom Knots recipe and I really want to make it just without the sourdough part. My question is how do I make this a nonsourdough recipe, just a normal dough. Is the anything I need to add or change? This is the recipe: Sweet Levain 40 g active sourdough starter...
  13. E

    Help with Birthday Cake Madeira Recipe, please

    Hi, my daughter has requested a 3d shaped cat birthday cake that has either chocolate chips or Oreos in it. I normally use this vanilla recipe baked in a 7" diameter and 3" deep tin and baked at 140C for 1h 40 mins. It always turns out well. 200g self raising flour 200g caster sugar 200g...
  14. E

    help with cookies

    i need some help with making some cookies for a large group. I want to know what would be that best kind to make about how many different once to make. please get back to me A.S.A.P
  15. Angie

    Brandy Snaps Hints and Tips

    If you're looking at making Brandy Snaps or Brandy Snap Baskets, here are some tips to help you out. Brandy Snap Basket Tip If making a brandy snap basket, place a layer of chocolate on the base between the basket and the filling; this acts as a barrier and will prevent the filling from...
  16. Angie

    What does scaling in baking mean?

    What does scaling mean? Scaling in baking is when you increase or decrease a recipe to produce a different sized version of what you wish to make. Can a recipe be scaled up or down? Yes. Some recipes can be scaled up or down. What does scaling ingredients mean? Scaling ingredients is when...
  17. M

    pls help - scaling up baking *urgent!* x

    hi friends....desperate for some help if poss im trying to scale up a recipe for a simple victoria sponge. the original recipe is Classic Victoria sandwich recipe | BBC Good Food I want to put scale it up into a 12in by 10in tin. Am I multiplying 20cm or 40cm - as the recipe says 2 x 20cm...
  18. Angie

    What is a crumb coat or dirty icing?

    Have you ever heard the term crumb coat or dirty icing and wondered what earth somebody was going on about. Well, not to worry, I have you covered. And literally, that's all it is. What is a crumb coat? A crumb coat, or 'dirty icing' as it's also known, is the first thin layer of...
  19. Janey

    Brown sugar in chocolate cake

    Hi, making this chocolate cake again but only have light brown sugar, can i use this instead of normal granulated sugar? will it be the same amount? Will it affect the cake in any way with it being brown sugar. Thank...
  20. clerahi

    Help with Small Tins Afternoon Tea Cakes

    Hi Angie, Another question... I knew I'd be keeping you busy ;)... I've been given four of these mini tins. They measure 6cm x 8cm (top) x 4 cm deep. They look like loaf tins to me, would they be suitable for making small cakes for Afternoon Tea? My wife loves Afternoon Teas but obviously...