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Tea anyone? Yes, you've guessed it we are making all things sweet in this tea party inspired decorating class. With tea, cake, and delectable afternoon treats who wouldn't want to be on this workshop.

No prior experience is necessary; demonstrations and help are provided throughout along with light refreshments. At the end of the evening, you get to take home your freshly decorated cupcakes that you can devour with all your family and friends!

Come and join us for two hours of relaxing fun!

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Monday 18th May 2015
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Cost:£20 per Adult or £15 per Child*
Ref:HMB118 Tea Party Cupcakes
Venue:Standish Community High School, Kenyon Road,
Standish, Wigan, WN6 0NX

We have biscuits, Swiss rolls, tarts, baguettes sausage rolls and lots of other small fancies oh and of course you cannot have a tea party without a pot of tea! Don't mind if I do. These are the miniature edible tea party goodies that we will be making on the Tea Party Workshop.

Should you have a question/query regarding this workshop or wish to book direct, then please call me, please read T&Cs.

1.Text or call me direct and Pay by Bank transfer.
2.Text or call me directly to reserve your place and then pay for the evening.
3.Pay using the PayPal links below.....
An adult must accompany* Children aged between 11-17 throughout the workshop.


Read more about our Tea Party cupcakes class and see what the ladies made.
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