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GBBO is finally back!!!! (1 Viewer)

Roll up, roll up, exciting news here folks!

The release date for the upcoming season of our beloved GBBO has finally been announced. Following a highly anticipated wait, cryptic adverts and scouring the web to discover more. It has now officially been confirmed the Great British Bake Off will be back on our screens next Tuesday, 26 September at 8 pm. Whoop, whoop!

But there's more exciting news to share! With Matt Lucas departing the show, he has now made way for the lovely and hilarious Alison Hammond to join Noel, Paul, and, of course, the delightful Prue inside the tent.

New gbbo line up.png

Filled with shenanigans, mishaps, epic bake fails and more, we can't wait to see what's in store with this year's contestants.

GBBO 2023 contestants.png

Here's an overview:
  • Abbi - Is inspired by Victorian-era, nature and creates bakes with a touch of magic.
  • Amos - A film/theatre enthusiast with a colourful chic baking style who likes to add a modern twist to traditional recipes and scrupulous attention to detail.
  • Christy - A mother of four specialises in enchanting and pretty cakes, drawing inspiration from her own Israeli heritage and her husband's Jamaican roots.
  • Dan - A lover of pies and puddings, he enjoys the more challenging bakes and spending time playing football with his young sons.
  • Dana - A self-confessed, untidy baker. She opts to create rustic and homely creations, adding her own twist to her bakes with the use of spices, taking inspiration from her Indian heritage.
  • Josh - A chemist who brings precision to his baking, Josh reinvents classic bakes with alternative flavours using homegrown ingredients.
  • Keith - A baker with a love for traditional dishes and a passion for bread making, Keith embraces complex bakes.
  • Matty - Inspired by his late nan's teddy bear cake he received on his 4th birthday, Matty bakes rustic yet neat creations with traditional flavours.
  • Nicky - Known for her traditional bakes that evoke memories, she enjoys making pastries, bread, and fun birthday cakes.
  • Rowan - A literature student, he enjoys extravagant baking, clean lines, interesting decorations and wowing his uni friends with his creations.
  • Saku - With Sri Lankan flavours at the heart of her baking, Saku creates unique pies and sweet treats with a homemade touch.
  • Tasha - Fearless in her baking, she loves experimenting with near-impossible designs and is passionate about travel and theatre.
And there's even more!

There's also great news for the American fans of the show. Bake Off will land on Netflix US at midnight PST on Friday, 29th September, with new episodes following every Friday, so globally, we'll all be checking in!

Can't wait. 🧑‍🍳

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I've now managed to watch this week's episode, and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest! I won't give away any spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it, nor will I reveal this week's star baker or the first one to leave the tent, but mainly because our friends across the pond won't have seen the episode yet.

However, what I will say is this...
  • It's cake week.
  • Alison is an excellent addition to the team.
  • There is also another additional host in this year's tent.
  • There was an astonishing act of kindness by someone to someone in the tent.
  • We get to learn new sign names from Tasha, which we love! :loveit:
  • Buttercream is bad!
  • Booze is good!
  • Innuendo's are back! Beaver anyone! 🦫 I'm unsure if this will translate over to our American friends, but we laugh like schoolchildren whenever it's mentioned. It's a naughty British reference and old-school humour! Carry on baking, anyone? 🤭
Other than that, I don't want to say anymore. It was a great week one, and I look forward to next week's episode, which is biscuit week.
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So I can now reveal that last week, Amos was the first to leave the tent after his sliding whale incident. It was sad to see him go, and he was clearly upset by it, too.

The new host in the tent is Darryl, who is Tasha's BSL interpreter. Speaking of Tasha, we love her Pollywood name for Paul, shortened to Polly (Parrot). Fabulous! :loveit:

I think most of us nearly fell off our seats when we saw Paul give Saku a hug. It was a kind gesture, and she was made up when she received it. To be honest, she's one of my favourite contestants. ❤️

Then there was Matty and his grey dog buttercream, and as for Nicky's beaver, well, need we say more? :lmao:

So now to this week's biscuit week.

Again, no spoilers, so here are this week's cryptic clues.
  • Beauty and the Beast Biscuits
  • Double Handshake
  • Jam Gate
  • Pastry Gate
That's all I'm mentioning, and I'm looking forward to the next episode, which is the infamous Bread Week. 🍞
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So last week, Keith left the tent. Unfortunately, I think his Beauty and the Beast biscuits were his downfall, and he was clearly upset to be leaving the tent.

Then we had the missing jam from Nicky's biscuits. We all saw her put it in, but where did it go? 🤔 As for Christy and the pastry debacle, I don't think she meant to steal it, but it's a good job that Rowan checked. You have to admit though, she did a lovely job of rolling it out. :D

Tasha had a really good week too, and was thrilled to receive the very first handshake in the tent, as was Josh, who got the second one. Two in one week, Paul must have been impressed! :loveit:

Now to this week's bread week or dread week, as they like to call it, due to it being Paul's area of expertise. The contestants were constantly second-guessing.

This week's cryptic clues are.
  • Cottage Loaf, not a house, not a flat, but a cottage loaf.
  • Big loaf, small loaf, massive loaf!
  • What size balls?
  • A smashing loaf.
  • Janice, you gotta love Janice.
  • Another handshake and a very complimentary comment that left one contestant super thrilled!
Next week is Chocolate Week, which I can't wait for.
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So, last week, it was Abbi's turn to leave the tent. She was clearly upset to be leaving but very proud of herself all the same. She made me giggle when she called her cottage loaf Janice. Now, we all love Janice, but even she couldn't save her from leaving the tent.

Then we had a smashing good time with Dana and the stand mixer! In all honesty, I'm surprised the thing didn't take off! Then poor Rowan with his 'Massive' cottage loaf, maybe he should have taken a leaf out of Matty's book and checked his ball sizes first. :lmao:

Then to Tasha, who seems to be on a bit of a roll :wink:...to say that Paul made her day when he said she understood bread was an understatement. You could clearly see how much it meant to her and how she now started to believe in herself. :loveit:
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I'm playing catch-up on this due to half term and whatnot other than the free week whereby nobody left the tent, and Matty finally got star baker. Then there was Nicky with her work of art chocolate dessert, Matty's Magnificent chocolate box and poor Tasha, who left the tent due to being unwell.

Then there was last week's pastry week, where both Nicky and Rowan left the tent, and Christy finally got Star Baker with her beautiful pies. Unfortunately, I was very sad to see Nicky and Rowan go, but as Nicky said, she's had a 'bag of pants' week, so there wasn't much to save her after that. She did bring a fun vibe to the tent each week, so I'm sad to see her go. Then to Rowan, bless him, who always tried his hardest, but sometimes it didn't work out when he wanted it to, especially with his pies. 🥧

Pastry week wasn't without its challenges; we had Saku with her soggy bottoms, Tasha with an ingenious mustard bottom, Rowan with his missing pie bottoms, but good flavours, so it was almost a triumph! Nicky with her Frisbee, Matty unable to say 'Spanakopita' and Christy with her well-deserved handshake. And let's not forget Paul and that sour dance! 🕺So, all in all, another eventful week.

Tonight is Botannical week, 🪴so let's see what floral and plant-related creations they can come up with. Seeing as it's Halloween, I would have liked something spooky-inspired, but hey ho, you can't have everything!

On the plus side, I think Alison makes a wonderful addition to the tent; she makes me laugh every week (especially when she does daft things like rolling over the table :lmao: ), not only that she has a lovely relationship with Noel, looks after the contestants and gives them a cuddle when they need it. Love her; she fits right in. ❤️
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