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I don't surf on my phone as the screen is just so small...I could if I had to. So no internet, no cable vide, no DVR recordings...I got out my Stargate SG-1 DVDs and watched some. But I so rarely sit and watch TV. The good thing is that DVR recordings are not made local to your box, so they were still there :)

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Can you not set your phone as a wifi hotspot and use its data connection for your PC? I sometimes do this if we lose internet.
Sorry to hear you had a bit of a disaster baking Angie, that's not like you, you obviously were having an off day.

I'm up late tonight while I wait for midnight so I can book my next Tesco slot. The nurse was round this morning to dress my legs and they are definitely getting better, they still leak and don't look that good but they are losing all the scaly bumps and getting flat, especially as they got the swob results back and I'm on the right antibiotics and the same with the cream they are using.

I'll be glad when they're completely healed up though, but it took a long time for them to get this bad so I expect it will take a while for them to heal, but at least we're on the right road. :D

Thanks, Joan, it's fine, sometimes it happens even though I've made the cake many times. It's all a learning curve and just goes to show that even a seasoned baker can have mishaps.

I'm glad you've sorted the Tesco slot and that your legs are healing nicely. You keep looking after yourself, and you'll be ship-shape in no time. 😘
I'm getting there, trouble is it's too slow for me. :lmao: I know I shouldn't be so impatient but I'm not used to being so idle and I don't like it, especially having someone else do my cleaning for me. :eyeroll:
Aww. enjoy the rest, cleaning can be done as and when so pick up the box sets, catch up on your tele and read a load of books. Your legs will thank you for it. :loveit:
It's okay saying to rest but I can't even do that as I am supposed to get up and move about on a regular basis. :lmao:
Can you not set your phone as a wifi hotspot and use its data connection for your PC? I sometimes do this if we lose internet.
No Wi-Fi on the PC

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I thought all mobos came with wifi these days :dizzy:
You'd think so in this day and age, obviously Bill's doesn't so let us hope he manages to stay in touch. I know my mobile is always connected via WiFi but that's because it very rarely leaves the house so it was easier to set it up that way.
I never considered any reason I'd need Wifi. My PC sits inches from my router and my apt is 1 BR. My phone is connected to Wifi and Wifi calling is on for when I am at home. It just wasn't anything important to me :wink:

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Sounds a bit like mine Bill, although mine automatically works on 4G when travelling outside. My laptop is in the living room and not that near to my router which is in another room across the hall. It does show BT WiFi Call usually when I'm in the bungalow but changes when I go outside. I would have thought your's would have changed when you were outside, what phone do you have?
My phone uses cellular data when not in range of recognized wifi. So in my apt, at my Moms, anyplace near an Xfinity router it connects to wifi. Otherwise it uses cellular data :wink: Even downstairs at my building it connects to Xfinity (my neighbors as I have my own modem/router

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Mine is a BT router and network which I think is still the largest phone operator in the country, although these days I could be wrong about that.


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I know Maine Coon cats are large, I wouldn't want one of them sitting on my chest, that would definitely be bad news for my breathing. :eyeroll:
Wowsers, that is a big cat! I've never heard of those, but anything that big is a definite no-no. It would knock you flying in an instant if it wanted to play.

Busy week this week with it being half term, and we did manage the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Although I did melt the handle of my spatula on my pan and score it, the pancakes turned out fine.

Trying to rest at the minute, catch up on the washing and watch tv at the same time. Now that's what I call multi-tasking. :lmao:
:lmao:That's the best way to multi-task, be lazy. Glad your pancake turned out OK, even if you did try to burn your utensils, what were you playing at? :D

I'm surprised you've never heard about the Main-Coon Angie, there are quite a few around, I think they are big softies.
I know, lol, I was trying to sort the next batch out, and I rested the spatula handle on the side of the pan, not realising that it's only the top that's heatproof. I then had to peel the spatula off the pan and ensure none had gone into the pan. Han found it hilarious.

Yeah, I've never heard of them, I know you can get giant rabbits, but I didn't realise you could do the same with cats; they're huge.
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