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Modelling with Julie Rogerson - BSG (1 Viewer)

So we're now back after the summer break, and what a wonderful way to return to the BSG meetings than with a demo from Julie Rogerson!

Julie has been making models for over ten years and has numerous accreditations under her belt. As well as being a fabulous tutor, she has also written her own book too.

I was lucky enough to meet her at our last BSG meeting, where she came to give us a demo. These are just a few of the models that she makes, and she has a website online where you can go and learn from her.

Julie Rogerson Models - BSG (Medium).jpg

She is a lovely lady who has patience and understanding and is happy to answer any questions you may have. We had so much fun watching her make this cute baby dinosaur and hope she returns again.

Julie Rogerson Baby Dino - BSG.jpg

She even brought us this Witch in to help give us some Halloween inspiration! (The tutorial for it is in the Sugarcraft Magazine behind).

Julie Rogerson Witch - BSG (Medium).jpg

I think this is one of my favourite meetings so far, I've learned lots and even managed to re-create the dinosaur that she taught us how to make. What a fabulous way to kick start the meetings again! Thanks Judith, thanks Nicola!

I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into the meetings, and I encourage you to check out yours. If you like all things cake and decorating they're great fun and very informative too!

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