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Terry's Chocolate Orange Christmas Bobble Hats (1 Viewer)

If you want to get into the festivities and it's looking a little cold outside then why don't you look at creating your own edible bobble hats? All you'll need are a Terry's Chocolate Orange, plain cupcakes, knitted moulds and some fondant icing.

Christmas Bobble Hats by Help Me Bake (2) (Medium)-001.jpg

These are great gifts for the festive season and can also be used for a topper on a Baby Shower cake too.

Literally, all you have to do is emboss the icing fondant with knitted moulds, wrap it around the chocolate orange or perhaps a cupcake and then add the pom-pom and rim, and there you have it, a lovely little Bobble Hat.

The colours I used to make the edible bobble Hats are as follows:-
  • Renshaw Poppy Red Icing for the large Terry's Chocolate orange bobble hat at the back.
  • SMART FLEX Green Velvet for the small left bobble hat.
  • SMART Flex Baby Blue Velvet for the bobble hat on the right.
  • The pom-poms/bobbles and rim were made from Squire's Kitchen White sugarpaste.
You may also use buttercream or jam to stick your hats to the upside-down cupcake or edible glue or piping gel for the chocolate orange, although I just used the heat from my hands to get the icing to stick together.

To make the pattern on the pom-pom either push it against a sieve to make indents or roll a white ball, place it on the top of the hat and then emboss some more white icing and then stick it to the white ball creating the patterned effect.

Easy Peasy!

They're great fun and look really cute.


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