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KOYA - BT21 (Medium).jpg
As I mentioned, Han and I were busy creating in the kitchen yesterday. I say we, but Han was doing her thing, and I was doing mine. She's been meaning to make some toppers for a while, well I say a while, I mean over a year now, but unfortunately, due to one thing and another, we never managed to find the time. Queue the Easter Holidays, and we were set on getting some creative time together to make things we'd promised to do during the beginning of lockdown!

Originally I would have been making the BT21 figures in 2D form; however, due to creative differences (Han didn't think I would be able to match her vision and execute the toppers to her liking 🙄 (charming...lol). She decided she wanted to start the figures at least and make KOYA in 3D.

Koya (Medium).jpg

So after the first head got stuck to the silicon mat and got slightly deformed after we squished the head! She managed to make KOYA 2.0

KOYA - BT21 (Medium).jpg

We do have a head of another BT21 character, but until the body has been assembled, you'll just have to wait and see on that one.
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