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A Christmas Thank You to the NHS (1 Viewer)

Wow! I've just been perusing Facebook and noticed this beautiful cake pop up on my friend's feed.

6ft Cake Delivered to Bolton Royal Hospital (Medium).JPG

After a bit more searching I've found that the super talented Rosie Cake Diva was the one who sent this lifesized HUG to our wonderful NHS and healthcare workers at the Royal Bolton Hospital as a thank you to all the key workers who have been working tirelessly for us especially this year.

There's not more much info on the cake except that Renshaw Baking, Sweet Success Sugarcraft and Aldi UK were attributed to the support of making of it and the real Santa was not harmed when the cake was eaten.

If however, you'd like to see it all in one piece then the cake will be making an appearance on Amazing Cakes and Bakes - Channel 5
on 12 December.

Well done, Rosie, what a fantastic job! Merry Christmas. 🎅 🎄
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I saw that picture earlier when I was on Facebook and thought it was a real picture I just caught a quick glimpse of it and didn't realise it was a cake, how wonderful. 🎅