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Just got back from my middle brother's house. My oldest brother didn't come down this time, and my Mom didn't want to go. Saw my neices and their families and it was a nice dinner and lots of fun. Have a Merry Christmas

A Guy
Add my wishes to Bills, I'll catch up with everyone later I'm due to be picked up any time now and taken to my daughters for the day so don't have time right now, see you all later. :kiss:
Merry Christmas folks.

The turkey is in the slow cooker, and we're just about to pop the pigs in blankets in the oven so they are ready for xmas dinner later :wink:
Home again, had a wonderful day and dinner with all my favourite things, stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, chicken, lots of different fresh veg. followed by Christmas pud and custard, what else could you wish for? :loveit:
Christmas pud and custard, what else could you wish for?
Brandy sauce!!!!

I'm just having a quick cognac and waiting for Angie to clear up a little, then I'll be making my Christmas pud and Brandy sauce :D
It's the only thing he's made, along with a mess! Lol! :lmao: Merry Christmas, lovelies. I'm glad you've all had a fabulous day. I've made chicken, turkey, roasters, yorkshires etc.

We've just finished watching a movie, and I'm now teaching Han how to do sudoku. Then it'll be family TV and rest.
It was pretty funny at Kelly's at first, Willow didn't want to know me she ran away when Kelly put her down beside me. After a while though she gradually came over to me and settled down on my knee, it was funny when one of the dogs got too near and she started to growl, they soon moved. She soon got back to accepting me again, I did tell I wasn't go to take her back as I could see she was happy and settled in well with them all and would be well looked after. :kiss:
Who kept an eye on it while it was in the oven and basted it? :lmao:
I did, it was in the slow cooker with my Meater thermometer, reporting the turkey's temp, etc back to my phone and watch, so I could monitor it while we were out and take it off heat when it was perfectly done!!!

Ok, I'll give you that but I'm in the old-fashioned generation and would only do it the old way. I do admit though that I like the sound of it although now I have no need to do one again. :wink:
I have a ninja grill that cooks pretty much the same, you insert the probe into the meat and it tells you when to pull the meat out and rest it to be perfectly cooked.

I know these type of cookers have come a long way and got very clever.

It's cheaper for me to just get my meals from Wiltshire Farmfoods, there's only me now and as I can't stand to prepare and cook food just being able to pull a ready made meal from the freezer straight into the microwave and a few minutes later have a very tasty meal for myself suits me very well.

I'm off for the night now see you all tomorrow. :kiss:
Lol! The way he talks, you'd think he cooks all the time. :lmao: I cooked my chicken in the oven. All he did was wait for the app to ding, and that was it! Then he managed to drip turkey juice all over my 'plating' plates, so I was tidying up even before putting out the dinner! :what:

I'm not a lover of the ninja, it cooks things far too fast for my liking, so I do things old-school in the oven. I must admit we have used the slow cooker more for casseroles and things, and I like the fact that it all strips down and goes into the dishwasher, even the lid, so I find it a lot more hygienic than my old ones. John and Han embrace the technology, though, and love the super quick, fast have a meal in minutes.

Anyway, in a nutshell, we ended up with a lovely dinner, pulling Christmas Crackers, wearing party hats and spending quality time together. :loveit:
Oh! you are hard done by. :lmao:

Angie did say she doesn't mind the casseroles done in the slow cooker.:lmao:

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