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Christmas Gonks with Mo - BSG (1 Viewer)

It was great to be back at the BSG meeting, seeing as we've had to miss a few lately. Christmas is one of my favourites, as we have a buffet, a Christmas demo and an abundance of creativity!

During the workshop, Mo taught us how to make these irresistibly charming gonks; although she refers to them as gnomes, we still like to call them "gonks."

What makes them so delightful is their timeless appeal and the fact that they can be adapted to any season, event or theme. Even a simple addition of plaits/braids transforms them into adorable female versions.

Christmas Gonks BSG Christmas Workshop.jpg

Crafted from Walnut Whips, these gonks double as delightful edible decorations and are a perfect Christmas cake topper or easily placed on a small cake board to give as a gift.

Here are the ones we made.

BSG Christmas Workshop 23 (Medium).jpg

As you can see, they all have their own individual personalities. We had a wonderful time making them and enjoyed the festivities on offer.

Han and Angie Gonks (Medium).jpg

I'd now like to take a moment to say a BIG Thank you to Judith, Nicola, Marion, Pauline, and all the other incredible ladies for their hard work and commitment throughout the year. From arranging meetings, sorting speakers, providing refreshments and offering encouragement, you have made a significant impact on all of us, so thank you!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year!

If you have a passion for cake and decorating and would like to find your own local branch or meetings. Then please use the link below.

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