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What are macerated strawberries? (1 Viewer)

Macerated strawberries are when you soften the fruit in liquid. This can sometimes be done when you have below par fruit and are looking to revive it or when you are looking to enhance the flavours of fresh fruit.

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How do you macerate strawberries?

Cut them in half and then either soak the strawberries in a liquid such as Balsamic Vinegar or Lemon Juice or cover them in a couple of tablespoons of Sugar. This helps soften the berry and extract the juices, thus giving you a sweeter strawberry that you can then use in a dessert.​

Note: Make sure you Hull the Strawberries before macerating them.​

What brings out the flavour of strawberries?

Believe it or not, Black Pepper can be used to enhance the flavour of any strawberry. Adding black pepper to it neutralises the tartness of the strawberry, thus bringing out a sweeter taste, leaving you with a rich-tasting succulent strawberry.​
What can you use to top strawberries other than sugar?
  • Coat them in chocolate.
  • Sprinkle them with nuts.
  • Enjoy them with yoghurt.
  • Dip in Balsamic Vinegar.
And there you have it tips on how to enhance and improve the taste of your summer strawberries.


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