1. G

    Anyone know what this is?

    I got three of these in a huge cake decorating lot that I purchased. The only thing they say is Wilton. I can’t for the life of me figure out what they are for!
  2. Angie

    How to make a cornflour pouch cradle for edible model heads. (Handsfree)

    If, like me, you've flattened or misshaped a few model heads when making edible decorations, then here's a perfect solution for you. In order to prevent the dreaded flatness from occurring when you've created your faces on the table, then why not try out this ingenious idea instead. I'm...
  3. clerahi

    Tools for decorating a layer cake with buttercream

    Hi Angie, Another question from me 🙈. Can you please recommend what tools I need for decorating the sides and top of the rainbow layer cake with chocolate buttercream? Thanks
  4. Angie

    Bismark Nozzle or #230 nozzle.

    This Bismark nozzle and the #230 nozzle are ideal nozzles for helping you fill cupcakes, eclairs and doughnuts with a scrumptious filling. Just insert the nozzle straight into your dessert, squeeze and drag the nozzle out slowly whilst piping the filling in at the same time. These are...
  5. Angie

    How to create cylinder shaped cakes or wide towers for castle cakes.

    If you are making cylinders or towers for a cake you can either use a swiss roll and cover it in icing fondant or you can place cake mix/batter in a greased and lined clean aluminium baked beans or spaghetti tin (removing the label of course) and simply bake the cake in the oven. Once baked...
  6. Angie

    How to make an Edible Saw Blade Tutorial

    Here is a quick guide on how to make an edible saw blade. 1. For the edible saw blade, I added black and white icing together to make the grey colour. 2. Once I have kneaded it together fully, it gives me this grey colour. I then roll it in a ball, add a little tylo powder to it and then...
  7. Angie

    Dad's 25 year Saw blade tool cake.

    I have currently been working on my Dad's 25 years in business anniversary cake. I have taken lots of photo's as I have gone along and have been making tools and hammers etc. I did make a Saw but it broke this morning so I'm none too pleased however, I have now reverted back to my original...
  8. Angie

    Converting grams to USA cup sizes.

    I have now used my Williams-Sonoma cups to weigh out certain ingredients and then converted it to grams on my scales. The conversion is as follows:- Flour: 1 Cup - 120 grams ½ Cup - 60 grams ⅓ Cup - 40 grams ¼ Cup - 30 grams Dried Fruit: 1 Cup - 140 grams ½ Cup - 70 grams ⅓ Cup - 47 grams ¼...
  9. Angie

    What is a cake leveller or cake levelling wire?

    A cake levelling wire or cake leveller is used to level a cake; it has segments on the side of the tool for you to set your required height and then it is slid in a side to side motion slowly through the cake in order to slice it. It can be used for levelling a cake to make it straight and...
  10. Angie

    How to make a heart shaped cake using a circle and square cake.

    To make a heart-shaped cake, make a circle and square cake the same size then cut the circle cake in two and place the half sections on top. You can either then cover in buttercream or fondant.
  11. Angie

    What Sandwich tins look like.

    Sandwich tins are used commonly throughout baking, they are about an inch deep and 7 inches (20cm) in diameter. I generally use mine for making sponge cakes. This is what they look like. They can also be square too.
  12. Angie

    How much icing/fondant do I use to cover a cake? (Ribbon Method)

    In order to ensure you have enough icing rolled out, you can use a handy trick. Get a piece of ribbon and place it on the end of you cake board (before using buttercream or jam etc.) then place the ribbon across the edge then up the side of the cake over the cake, down the other side of the...
  13. Angie

    How to make edible hair.

    A cheap way of creating hair for cupcakes or models is to use a garlic press. Simply place fondant/icing through the press and watch the hair appear. Cut with scissors and attach to your model or cupcakes using edible glue or water. Basic Baking and Cake Decorating Cake Decorating and Model...
  14. FB Questions

    Peter Rabbit Christening Cake Help for Rachel from Facebook

    Rachel P Hi thank you for replying, aww I'm looking for a peter rabbit cake or figures but I can't find anyone to do it for my sons christening I seen your cakes & fell in love, there are amazing! Xxx Help Me Bake You're most welcome, Rachel where are you based? I'm just trying to think if I...
  15. Angie

    How to seal Jam Jars or Curd Jars using Wax Circles or Strips

    When you have potted your homemade jam/lemon curd, you can use a wax circle to seal and preserve it. The wax circle should be placed directly on top of the jam whilst still hot to form a seal. You can then place the lid on, and this will create a vacuum. Tip: In the event you do not have wax...
  16. Angie

    Message Plunge Cutters

    These message cutters which say Best Wishes, Thank you and Love are great fun and can be used to cut and indent biscuits or icing fondant. They are very quick and simple to use and will add the personal touch to your baking creations in seconds.
  17. Angie

    What is a water pen? (H20)

    This water pen is a great tool and helps you stick your models together with ease. It distributes just enough water to enable you to stick your icing/fondant together and is far less messy than a regular paint brush. They also come in a range of tip sizes. I bought the medium and thin-tipped...
  18. Rach93

    Cupcake week...

    Hiya everyone... thank you for such a warm welcome. With it been cupcake week next week... I have decide to make some for my lovely work mates. I want to do cookie monster design on top.... but dont know what flavour to do so the design flows through. Help please Rach xxx
  19. Angie

    The Mat by Sweetwise

    I have recently purchased 'The Mat' and definitely had to share this with you. Basically, it's a see-through plastic mat that enables you to roll out your icing/fondant without the use of icing sugar. You just roll out your icing/fondant on the mat and transfer to your cake. It helps with...
  20. Angie

    Measuring Cups

    These 'mini pans' are known as measurings cups and are used for measuring out dry ingredients when baking. See picture below for sizes.