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Dad's 25 year Saw blade tool cake. (1 Viewer)


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I have currently been working on my Dad's 25 years in business anniversary cake. I have taken lots of photo's as I have gone along and have been making tools and hammers etc.

I did make a Saw but it broke this morning so I'm none too pleased however, I have now reverted back to my original idea of using a saw blade in my cake instead so I am hoping this is going to work. He has no idea I am doing this but it's 25 years on Monday when I have my workshop so I have a mega busy weekend trying to fit it in and do it on the down low too! :p

Off out for some tea now so I will speak to you guys later. :wink:
Thanks, Joan...Ok, I now have some pics to show you......

These are the saw pieces I made yesterday although when I put them together today, the saw blade snapped near the handle so I couldn't rescue it and the chocolate icing did not harden properly either. :crys:


I then decided that I would go back to my original design of using a bench saw blade rather than a hand saw, I have made two blades today just in case one breaks and then I am going to insert the blade into the cake as if it is cutting into it. I am hoping to stand it vertically, so I have left it out to dry and harden enough to put into the cake tomorrow, that's the plan anyway. :D

I have done a step by step guide on how to make the edible saw blade so please check out the
Saw Blade Tutorial


The other tools are the edible hammer which I have put MC25YRS in the handle to represent his business and years trading, I did this using the message writer below and stamped it in when the icing fondant was soft. I also have a bag of crumbs on the second picture (to the left) for a sawdust effect.

message writer.JPG

I have also done and a flat edible builders pencil, I didn't do it around on purpose because builders tend to use a flat pencil, John told me the name of it, but I cannot remember. :dizzy:

.....apparently, it is an edible joiners pencil or carpenters pencil. To make this all I did was roll out sausage shapes in icing fondant and then flattened them with my fingers. They are stuck together using a little cold water.

For the hammer head, I rolled a ball and then moulded it using my hands and fingers.

hammer (1).jpg
hammer (2).jpg

hammer (3).jpg
hammer (4).jpg

Lightly hammering it onto the work surface and patting the end of it with your fingertips also helps to soften the ends.
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My Dad is a builder/flagger so I guess you are wondering why I am doing tools as opposed to bricks and stone and paving etc. The reason being is that on his 21st Anniversary in 2011 I made him this cake......I made it on his 21st Anniversary as he had always wanted to reach that milestone. :D

MC Builders Cake 2011.JPG

As you can see it has a mixer, stone, paving, bag of sand etc and I wanted to do something different. He has spent a lot of time recently carving wood and making a bear for his garden so I thought I would go with more of a tool theme than an updated version of the old cake.
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:roflmao: Bill

Those cakes look great Angie and I can see your point with regards doing things slightly different this time, I bet your Dad will love it. :wink:
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@Bill, you are funny! :p

I have finished the cake, the blade went in without any hassle and I made a spanner for the top as it looked a bit bare. I'm still not sure on the colours but it is a man cake so it's not supposed to be bright.

I have given it to my Dad and he loves it, I will post the pics soon, just had an extremely busy day prepping.
Thanks, guys, I am impressed that the blade held in place and looked the part, I think the crumbs really add to the effect as if it has literally spun into the cake.

As I said the colour scheme is not to my taste as it seems a little dull, I like cakes to be bright, however, I think the colour scheme works well, and the overall result is pretty much what I wanted. I am quite pleased considering I was juggling the cake, cake pops and prepping for the Cosmetic Cupcake Workshop.
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