1. Angie

    Problems with Candy Cane Chocolate Bars in the Fridge

    As we are heading towards Christmas, I decided to make some Candy Cane Chocolate Bars. So after sending my daughter on an expedition to get some Candy Canes, I finally managed to get some time to make them. As the Candy Canes were festive red, white and green, I decided to use them with both...
  2. Angie

    Strawberry Swirl Slab - Homemade Chocolate Bar Tutorial

    What could be more delightful than strawberries and cream fused together in a delectable chocolate bar? With strawberries and cream being a firm English favourite and all, I thought it was only fitting to mix the two together, and not only does it look pretty, but it tastes good too. How do I...
  3. Angie

    Mint Allure Slab - Homemade Chocolate Bar Tutorial

    There's nothing better than chocolate and even more so than dreaming up your own kind of bars. The good thing about these bars is not only are they easy to do; you can cater them to people's requirements, indulge in an endless supply of flavours and give someone a beautiful gift all at the same...
  4. Angie

    Cookie Nut Bliss Slab - Homemade Chocolate Bar Tutorial

    Cookies who doesn't love a cookie? Add that together with a bar of chocolate, and you're in Cookie Monster heaven! The fun thing about Homemade chocolate bars is that you get to decide every single flavour that goes into them. Then you can either give them to that someone special or indulge in...
  5. Angie

    Flapjacks recipe.

    Flapjacks:- Recipe and guide on how to make plain or chocolate flapjacks. Preheat your oven to: 180°C Fan assisted 200°C Normal oven Gas mark 4 356F Ingredients: 150 grams porridge oats. 75 grams block butter. 100 grams demerara sugar. 2 tablespoons of syrup. 7-inch square tin - Greased...
  6. Angie

    Granola Bars

    Hello, I've never used your site before, but am looking for some help with baking. I'm struggling with a granola bar recipe - can't figure out how to fix it. Where should I post this question? Is this even the right type of website for this inquiry? Thanks!