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Here is a recipe and guide teaching you how to make your very own 7 x 3 inch Victoria Sponge Cake.

7 x 3 Inch Cake Tin
Baking Paper (For lining your Tin)
Hand whisk/Stand Mixer
Mixing Bowl
Small Bowl
Cake Greaser Spray
Tin foil (Optional)
Wire Rack
200 Grams or 7oz Margarine
200 Grams or 7oz Granulated Sugar
4 Medium Eggs (At room temperature)
200 Grams or 7oz Self Raising Flour
Pre-heat your oven to one of the following –
Fan assisted: 150°C
Regular oven: 160 – 170°C
Gas Mark: 1 – 2
Fahrenheit: 302
  1. Weigh out the granulated sugar & margarine and place them in a mixing bowl.
  2. Combine the butter and sugar using a handheld whisk or a stand mixer. (You can use a wooden spoon, but you won’t incorporate as much air into the ingredients). The more you mix the...
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