victoria sponge

  1. A

    Victoria Sponge Disasters

    Hi Angie, I seem unable to produce a decent Victoria Sponge. I weight my ingredients, including the eggs. All the ingredients are at room temperature. but the do not seem to rise as much as they should. I use soft unsalted butter in the 'All In One' recipe by Mary Berry; using Self-Raising Flour...
  2. Angie

    Wholemeal Victoria Sponge Half and Half Cake Tutorial

    At my husband's request, I've recently created this delectable half-and-half wholemeal Victoria sponge cake. Not only does it infuse your diet with fabulous fibre, but it's also light and fluffy too! Dubbed the "half and half" cake due to the blend of Half Wholemeal Self-Raising Flour and Half...
  3. B

    To tray or not to tray?

    When making Victoria sponges do you put the tins on a baking tray or the oven bars? If using a tray is it hot or cold? Thanks Liz
  4. Janey

    Extra height for Victoria sponge

    Hiya, me again lol, instead of 150g of each for the Victoria sponge recipe can i up it to 200g of each and 3 1/2 eggs as my cakes don't seen to be rising much and thought by inceasing the ingredients they may rise more? 6x3 inch tins. Jane xx
  5. Janey

    Add Buttermilk to Victoria Sponge?

    Hiya, Me again, been asked to make a 60th birthday cake, was wondering can I add buttermilk to a Victoria sponge cake recipe? Want it to be moist, I'm doing the 6x3 inch recipe, if you could let me know how much I would need to add? Thank you xx
  6. M

    pls help - scaling up baking *urgent!* x

    hi friends....desperate for some help if poss im trying to scale up a recipe for a simple victoria sponge. the original recipe is Classic Victoria sandwich recipe | BBC Good Food I want to put scale it up into a 12in by 10in tin. Am I multiplying 20cm or 40cm - as the recipe says 2 x 20cm...
  7. clerahi

    Very First Cake...

    So here is my very first attempt at any kind of cake, baked last week... certainly an adventure. Seemed to be received ok cake loving wife...
  8. Janey

    Victoria Sponge Cake Ingredients?

    Hi, i have a 7 inch round baking tin which is 4 inch deep, i have used your Victoria sponge recipe which turned out amazing but that was in my 3 inch deep tin, how much extra of each ingredients do i need to use with my 4inch deep tin? Thank you
  9. Angie

    How to make a 7 x 3 inch deep Victoria Sponge Cake

    Here is a recipe and guide teaching you how to make your very own 7 x 3 inch Victoria Sponge Cake. Equipment 7 x 3 Inch Cake Tin Baking Paper (For lining your Tin) Scales Hand whisk/Stand Mixer Mixing Bowl Small Bowl Spatula Cake Greaser Spray Tinfoil (Optional) Wire Rack Ingredients 200...
  10. Angie

    Victoria Sponge Recipe

    Here is your recipe and guide on how to make a classic Victoria Sandwich Cake: Also, see the full Victoria Sandwich Tutorial with pictures and a step by step guide. Preheat your oven to one of the following temps: 180-190°C - Conventional Oven 170°C - Fan assisted Gas Mark 3 338F...