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Summer Blizzard Birthday Cake (1 Viewer)

So with it being John's birthday, I finally had time to make him a cake this year. Usually, he reminds me about the day before, and I've never got all the stuff I need, or I'm making one for somebody else. So after patiently waiting two years, he finally gets this one.

Summer Blizzard Birthday Cake by Help Me Bake 001.jpg

Now in all fairness, it nearly went in the bin! Because when I first started decorating it, I squished the sides, and all the filling came out. 🤨Anyway, after a few deep breaths and a little chat with myself, I finally managed to salvage the cake and make this summer treat!

My first thought was to name it Buttercream Blitz, but then John came up with Summer Blizzard due to a play on snow/buttercream. I thought, why not? Well, he is the birthday boy after all, so it only seems fair that he names it! 🥳

Happy Birthday, Honey, have a wonderful day! 😘
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That looks delicious Angie I'm sure he'll love it and I like the name, very fitting, especially as the blizzard named Angie got to it. 😂